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  1. We just held our OA elections last night, 1/18/05. And have historically done so about this time frame. We have the tap out at our February outing as part of the program for the weekend. This gives the canidates the opportunity to Ordeal in April or June. This way they are able to particiapate is some of OA functions at Summer Camp. We normally recieve scouts from the Packs in April and May, so they do not have an impact. But our first year scouts have seen the canidates for 7-8 months, which for us covers 6-7 weekend outings and summer camp. What is interesting to see, is that the bo
  2. Stay the course! All those who have posted this before are correct. We have 25 registered, and most of the time we have 20 going on our monthy camp outs, but band football, etc.. do factor in. Be the spice in the boys life. Make the trips fun an varied, the other scouts will pass on the message. Boys leading Boys does work. PS: US Navel Academy is alway our bigeest draw, for both Scouts and Dads.
  3. Our troop uses our week at summer camp to cover this. The patrol leaders make the newer scouts the head cooks toward the end of the week. Our troop does not eat at dinning halls, we "outpost" for the whole week. We have four patrols, and normally we get 5-6 new scouts each year, and they are divided up into exsisting patrols. We also monthy camp, and have 6-7 other oportunities to cover this requirment through out the year. I'm sure there are many other troops like this. At this time we have not used the new scout patrol, but are keeping our eye out, as we have an age gap, and current
  4. Our troop still uses the community strip, with state and unit number underneath. The community strip is in our CO name, not our community. We have been chartered for over 60 years by this organization, and are proud of it. There are several other troops in the same community, so in the long run it has worked out very well for reconition.
  5. Your solution is EBay. Bought two red wool jackets this month. You will need to check it from time to time as size availibilty varies. Right now there are about 20+/- listed. Bid prices range from $20 to $75, typically adult sizes going for more, but it is an auction, and if some one wants one... YIS
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