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    Quality vs Quantity

    I agree completely. Quality Lodge is something set up to measure how well you're doing--but it is not perfect. If Quality Lodge doesn't meet your needs as a lodge, it is really more of a suggestion than anything else. Keep up our "quality" system instead of the "quantity" system--eventually, that quality system will get you to Quality Lodge (makes enough sense, right?). In the mean time, just know that what you're doing is better for the people of the lodge, council, and community, and that's what's important.
  2. Hillis

    Youth Protection and OA

    Yes, this is true--in the OA, individuals are considered Youth until 21, meaning that a 20-year-old and a 16-year-old can share a tent at OA functions, but not troop functions. This is NOT something your Chapter is doing wrong, it is National Policy. The reasoning, I believe, is that troops tend to have younger scouts, starting around 11 years old. The OA, however, tends to have older scouts, starting around 14 years old. An 11-year-old and a 20-year-old in a tent is a big age gap, but a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old is not such a big gap. Don't complain to your Chapter, they are doing it right.
  3. Hillis

    Unique Lodge Ceremonies

    Kudu, I assume by your name that you run the site you posted about. I think it is irresponsible for you to refer to these Woodcraft Scout ceremonies as (Ordeal) and (Vigil) on the site, because it goes against the symbolic progression of the OA. While these scripts are not the OA scripts, they are suggestive and not protected.
  4. I am planning for my lodge banquet in January--usually about 250 in attendance, but I'm from a 1500 person lodge. How can I boost these numbers for the banquet? What fun activities can I offer for OA aged kids? What will draw them in?
  5. Hillis

    How to get OA members excited

    John-in-KC, thanks for the suggestions, but I think you misinterpreted my post. I have been organizing this thing for some time...most everything is set, but I was just looking for any additional last minute attendance boosters. I don't want this to just be a Banquet, I want it to be something that will get kids there and really make them want to get back involved in the OA. Any other suggestions form people out there?
  6. Hillis

    Starting a Crew

    I have looked for information on starting a Venture Crew, and have found very little. The national site gives an outline for how to start a crew, but it mkaes no mention on paperwork or an application to be recognized. I have already organized the group and we are set to go--now how do I go about making my crew "official"?
  7. Hillis

    Why no Lodge Chief position patch?

    This is not from my lodge, but I support it. Some may scoff at the illegitimacy of this, but... http://curryfam.com/curryfam/devin/files/mowogo-LEC-patch2.gif I've never been much of a stickler for following insignia rules--aren't there more important issues to deal with? If a Lodge wants to make patches, they should go for it (or use the fakes from eBay). There of five versions of rank patches in the lodge, each one commissioned by the lodge and including their totem: Lodge Chief Lodge Vice-Chief Lodge Secretary Chapter Chief Lodge Executive Committee Seems reasonable to me. As for the shoulder loops, I just may have to get myself a pair of silver ones.(This message has been edited by Hillis)
  8. I second the use of Crocs as camp shoes. Unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. Really, I don''t use Crocs, I use a knock-off brand called Nothinz--I have found them to be cheaper, MUCH more comfortable, and more compressible than Crocs. At Philmont, they actually sell Nothinz instead of Crocs for those reasons. As for my worst gear...my old, old Kelty external frame--which I just recently replaced with an amazing Osprey Atmos 65 that I used for the Rayado program at Philmont.
  9. Hillis

    New guy asks - Why OA?

    acco40--I couldn't agree more. You obviously understand how the Order should function and the correct role of adults. That is what makes the Order so special. Because of the slightly older and more mature group, the OA can do what Troops have been trying to do for years: Youth Led Program, in the fullest sense of the word. That's why I got involved in the OA, it gave me a place that put forth something my troop couldn't offer, a real chance to lead, plan, and take responsibility--without adults taking over, but with adults on the sidelines offering advice and support. A Troop has a ScoutMASTER, an OA lodge has a Lodge ADVISOR. And that makes all the difference.
  10. I must disagree with CalicoPen. The rule regarding eagle feathers was created to stop illegal activities. While the rule may be written poorly to not include legal feathers, like yours, this is a rule that should be taken at face-value. Because they are legal feathers, I think you can feel free to use them. Go ahead, enrich the OA experience in your lodge with your legal native feathers, but if someone in a position of power asks you to stop, listen. I doubt anyone that would tell you to stop can even tell the difference, and most people are totally understanding when you are obviously following the rule de facto, if not de jure. On the other hand, the gun might be too much. I think it is fine, and I think you should plead your case to use it, but this one may not have the same positive results as I would expect from using legal native feathers. As for making a new set of regalia for the OA, I don't think it is absolutely necessary, but I would recommend it. Because of the rough-housing nature of many boys and not-always-outstanding conditions in which the lodge powwows are held, dance regalia (and ceremony regalia for that matter) used in the OA has a shorter lifespan than what you may be used to. Ruining your nice set would be a shame. If you cannot dedicate the time or money to making a new set, and you are OK with the risk of damage, using the real set is fine. I think the lodge would be more than happy to have someone dancing in real native regalia, regardless of the style!
  11. Hillis

    Class Ideas

    I am running a ceremony workshop for my lodge in late March over the course of a weekend. If you have any good ideas for ceremony related classes that I could teach at this workshop to help new ceremonialists as well as experienced ones, please share. Thanks, Hillis
  12. Hillis

    Class Ideas

    Also, I'm still looking for class ideas! And if you have anyone in your troop interested in ceremonies that is in the Hill Country area (Tonkawa Lodge or otherwise) come out! Just pre-register anyone that wants to come so that they can have a spot reserved.
  13. Hillis

    Class Ideas

    Everything is finalized, the date had to be moved due other problems, details are: March 30th-April 1st Lost Pines Scout Reservation Registration starts at 7pm on Friday night
  14. Hillis

    OA and Summer Camp

    We do a tapout at the campfire, but the actual ordeal is at a later date and time. We also have a Brotherhood ceremony on one of the nights to promote converting to Brotherhood. There is always an icecream social for all arrowmen after the Brotherhood ceremony. For lodges that do ordeals at Camp--how do you keep them seperate from other campers as to not ruin the suprise factor of the ordeal, and more importantly, doesnt doing an ordeal during camp mess up the kids' merit badge class schedule?
  15. Hillis

    Drum Teams

    Does anyone out there belong to a lodge with a good Native American Drum Team? Is it Northern or Southern drum? Will they be competing at NOAC? How many people are on the team? Have they won any awards in the past? Thanks, Hillis
  16. Hillis

    Drum Teams

    Yes, I am going to NOAC, and I will be competing in Lodge Drum, PreOrdeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies for Tonkawa Lodge 99. I'll also be taking classes, including many AIA classes. I'll be sure to ask many questions and get lots of help while I'm there. I don't live in the Southeast, but as the new ceremony chairman for my lodge, I'm trying to start a seminar in my area. Thanks, Hillis
  17. NOTE: I posted this message in the private area and got no replies. I realized that there was no need for this message to be private, so I am reposting it here in hopes of a response. I have seen many drawn depictions of Mohican or Mohawk Indians. Many pictures vary in the way the hair of the mohicans is drawn. Did the majority of the Mohicans actually have mohawks? What were the actual mohawks like? Long and in a ponytail? Short and spikey? Multicolored Liberty Spikes (just kidding)? --Hillis P.S. I have also heard alot about different groups (Mohagens, Mandinkans, Mohicans, etc.) that may have created and used the Mohawk. Which group was it that first created/used the Mohawk?
  18. Thanks for coming out to everyone that did, it was a fun Conclave!
  19. Is any one going? I'm in the Host Lodge, Tonkawa 99.
  20. Hillis

    Philmont Treks!

    Our 2006 Trekbook came in, and we immediately picked number 27 and sent the postcard off. We got our first choice confirmed! Number 27 it is -- a Northern hike through part of Valle Vidal with cool activities including the new "Bikeathalon" where you ride a mountain bike with an air gun on your back and then you stop occasionally to shoot, much like the Olympic event, the Biathalon, except with bikes. Has anybody else picked a trek? When are you going, where are you going, and why did you choose the trek you chose?
  21. TAKE A LOOK AND TELL ME IF YOU WANT ANYTHING AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER... Texas CSPs: --Capitol Area Council CSP --Capitol Area Special Addition Blue Bonnet CSP --All 5 Jamboree 2005 Special Addition Capitol Area Council CSPs including the Jacket Patch --Capitol Area Council Lost Pines Scout Reservation Special Addition CSP --Rio Grande Council CSP --Alamo Area Council CSP --Sam Houston Council CSP Texas Summer Camps: --2003 El Rancho Cima --2004 Silver Pines BLUE SP-604 JLT --2004 Lost Pines Summer Camp --2004 Lost Pines Winter Camp --2005 Lost Pines Summer Camp Tonkawa 99 Flaps: --Standard Issue Red Tonkawa 99 --Brotherhood White Tonkawa 99 --Special Addition Ben Lindsay "Deep within our hearts and spirits" Black Tonkawa 99 --2006 Special Addition Brotherhood White Tonkawa 99 Other Tonkawa 99: --NOAC 2006 Special Addition 3 Part Flap --Conclave 2006 Host Lodge Flap w/ Lost Pines and Tom Wooten Brands --Tonkawa 99 Ordeal Elagmomat Neckerchief --Tonkawa 99 Ordeal Elangomat Neckerchief Slide Capitol Area Council Special Events: --2005 Hornaday Award Weekend at Lost Pines --Joint Webelos Campout --2004 University of Texas Meritbadge University Longhorn District Special Events: --2003 Longhorn District Camporee --2004 Longhorn District Camporee --2005 Longhorn District Camporee --2006 Longhorn District Camporee Hats: --Silver Pines SP-604 JLT Blue Hat --Longhorn District Staff Black Hat Cub Scout Other (Capitol Area Council): --Assorted Cub Scout Items including Pinewood Derby patches, Neckerchiefs medals, award pins, arrow of light, etc. Boy Scout Other (Capitol Area Council): --Assorted Ranks, 25th Anniversary Popcorn, Neckerchiefs, 50th Anniversary Patch Troop 399, Various Camping Location Patches, etc. High Adventure: --Florida Sea Base BLUE 25th Anniversary NOAC: --1998 Iowa State Team Staff NOAC --1998 NOAC ISU Rainbow "Memories of the Past..." --1998 NOAC ISU Rainbow "Memories of the Past..." Staff
  22. Hey everyone! We just finished up our last preparation day yesterday for Conclave and its all good. We are ready and convinced that this will be a great Conclave. Some cool activities are planned and we should have the tower, pool, waterfront, rifle range, and a whole bunch of other stuff going on. Theres also going to be AMAZING food prepared by our All Vigil Kitchen and a "Thunderbird Cafe" for more good eats. The camping areas are set up and so are the classroom GP tents. The parade grounds is freshly planted with new grass for the powwow, and the patches are really cool. It's gonna be an awesome get-together, and I'm excited. I'm a commissioner, so I'll be out there early checking lodges in and getting everyone set up. See you there! --Hillis P.S. Does anyone want to trade patches? Bring your lodges patches and I'll bring mine so we'll set up a deal. Post a message if you want anything specific, like the new limited edition patches for the Tonkawa Conclave Staff complete with two pins for the work weekends that will not be sold ever.
  23. I have been elected Youth Crew Leader for my Philmont contingent and I am interested in trying to really pull my Crew together and make an awesome experience. Does anybody know of Leadership Resources tht=at can help me brush up on effective leading habits? I have plenty of info on Teambuilding skills, and my group is going through Project COPE, but I am interested in becoming a better leader. Does anyone know of good leadership sources? Thanks, Hillis
  24. I'm going to Philmont 6-21 (Troop 399 Crew). Which Crew are you? Is your group getting pumped up? Mine is. We are really getting in to it, so I think we will have fun this summer. I'm sure looking forward to it. At Conclave I'll be a Commissioner, so I should see many of you on the first night while everyone is settling in, and I will see all of you at some point. Is anyone competing in ceremonies? If so, which ones? I'm competing in Novice Brotherhood. Also, is anyone coming interested in patch trading? --Hillis
  25. My Philmont Crew is doing COPE in a few weeks to help prep us for Philmont. It sounds great! This Saturday was a Work Day where our Lodge tried to prepare the camp for Comclave. We are doing another prep day after Spring Break, and I think we will be ready for it! Lost Pines is lookin' good, and it should be a lot of fun. We set up more wall tents than I can count, and the climbing tower base was refinished. We cleared the parade grounds and pkanted new grass for the Powwow dancing, began to set up ceremony areas, and also generally cleaned up the camp. Is there anything that ya'll want to see or do at this Conclave that would make it special?