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  1. This leads (indirectly) to another question: Lets say you have "Jack", age 19 and "Jill" age 20 in your venture crew. Jack and Jill are a very stable couple, and both very dedicated to their unit. Soon birthdays come around and Jack is 20 and Jill turns 21. Should they stop seeing each other until Jack turn 21 as well? What would the council say? What could the council do? What should the Advisor do?
  2. I'm going to OAOA this summer, and I will post a review of the program upon my return,
  3. About those Ebay patches: I already decided a few weeks ago to wear the patch to which I am entitled. If challenged I simply say that "anyone who thinks I should not be wearing this patch is welcome to attempt removing it."
  4. I recently took office as chief of a lodge which shall go unnamed. Not long after I took office, I went to the local scout shop pick up position patch for my new office. You can imagine my disappointment when I was told national does not have a Lodge or Chapter Chief shoulder patch. The next day I called the OA office at national to inquire about it. They said that national "wanted the youth to focus on their leadership position within their troop." To which I replied, "But what about the Lodge and Chapter Advisors? They are usually Scoutmasters or ASMs." Her response? "Well, they're adults." I thanked the woman for her time and hung up, and the air around me quickly turned blue (as it often does when national policy comes up in conversation). All throughout the program, we youth have more patches thrown at us than we possibly know what to do with. Troop position patches, district, council, and lodge event patches, but on this,we get the short end of the hiking stick! Not to mention the fact that if you are being a good lodge chief (ie: making sure everything is happening the way it should) you're not going to have time to be an SPL or a Troop QM! That bit about "Well, they're adults" enraged me even further. A properly dedicated lodge advisor or Scoutmaster (a position I hold in the highest regard) shouldn't be double booked either, nor should they be held to a different standard when it comes to position recognition.
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