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  1. Council covers 2 counties - San Diego and Imperial. 11 Districts As of our 2010 Annual Report: 25,960 Youths 8,080 Adults Cub Scouts 11,589 Boy Scouts 6,677 Venturers 1,276 Exploring 1,661 Total Youth Members 21,203 Learning For Life Membership LFL High School 1,400 LFL Jr. High 1,535 LFL Elementary 1,822 Total Youth Participants 4,757 I can't find how many Troops and Packs in our District but it's more than 20 each. Council Headquarters is in San Diego City so those that live up north have a drive. It could take 45 minutes to get there or 2 hou
  2. The Octopus Award - For the leader that has their hand in every event(whether they want to or not)
  3. Check with your District & Council to see if any local museums or attractions have Activity Badge programs. We are lucky here to have programs at our Natural History Museum. Write up a description of each badge and have the parents of the new webelos take a look. One of them may be an expert or know an expert on one of them. Webelos is fun. The boys have learned lots and are really growing up. Enjoy it!
  4. It's amazing that some adults still don't understand that anything they say around their kids will get repeated. I'm sorry that this is happening to you. I would have a chat with the den leader before the next meeting. Just take a few minutes and tell her what happened. Don't give her the chance to make excuses, just tell her what her son said, how your son felt and TELL her she needs to let your son know it was a mistake. Personally, I would start looking at other packs. A den leader, AKELA, has a responsibility to live up to the promise just as much as the boys do. She blew it.
  5. No bylaws and if BSA does not provide any information on committee rules then go with Robert's Rules of Order. Typically it's majority for votes. Requiring a 2/3rds vote in small committees or boards can get many topics tabled due to not enough voters attending. http://www.robertsrules.com/ Start writing those Bylaws.
  6. I was told that the core values will remain, however they will move them around to fit better. Faith in the month for Scout Sunday etc. Not sure about the meeting guide. Maybe they will just do an addendum telling us to move meeting 4 to meeting 6 or whatever. Ann
  7. I took BALOO along with my husband and another Den Leader from our Pack. They did a very good job of creating what a weekend campout would be like. We broke up into dens. Book learning took too long as did the what to bring and how to use them area. Activities & games,camp area and what to bring, campfire program, They taught us Foil packets for our lunch and while we ate they talked about Dutch Ovens. Desert was Wompums or pole biscuits over coals. I think this is a wonderful training for first timers. For those of us that have already done several years of pack camping t
  8. acco40, It's funny you mentioning the teacher moving up with the kids. Our school actually did that last year. The 4th grade teachers moved up to 5th grade with the students. It was due to layoffs and cutbacks but it was a great thing for the students. There was no getting to know you period. The teachers knew where each student was so no need to do review work etc. There State test scores were higher than the two years before it. It might not be bacause of the same teachers but it probably helped. It's interesting to see how everyone does it and obviously not just one way works. Our p
  9. I have 15 Wolves. My Husband and I are CoDenLeaders as well as he is ACM and I'm Committee Secretary. When we started as Tiger Leaders with 10 boys we told the parents we can grow this group as big as we want but it means participation from all parents. The parents come to all the meetings and are very active. We never told them that as of Wolves they could drop off. We tend to do things in groups. So we will ask for 3 parents to help out and split the group out. Then as leaders we can walk around and be available if there are questions or behavior issues. I personally could not do
  10. Hello all, After reading Finding time to talk with Unit Leaders, I was curious as to how your Den Leaders work. Do your leaders advance to each scout level with the boys and therefore are their den leader from Tiger through Webelos, or Do your leaders find their niche in a specific rank and stay there for a few years? Our Pack Den Leaders move with the boys. All of our Den Leaders have a scout that is their own in the Den as well. I can see that having a Den Leader that is very knowledgeable in one specific rank would be helpful but I can see where burnout would come qu
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