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  1. all the music that you like shows up in the discount music racks or is heard in the elevator.
  2. I have Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors in one troop. We have alot of fun the older girls help with the younger ones and can get leadership hours if the want to run the meeting for the younger girls. The older girls that have some problems dealing with her peers can take a break and work with the younger girls when she needs to. The younger girls look up to the older girls and can't wait to be old enough to do some activities. We go camping in January in tents-Friday night to Sunday is for the Cadettes and Senior, Friday night to Saturday afternoon is for the Juniors and th
  3. A couple of years ago we had a boy in our troop that freaked out over the spiders in the tent the leaders at camp gave him a regular dome tent and told him he could set it up every night and put it away every morning he used that for a couple of years now he sleeps in the regular camp tents. Be understanding-fears are real to the person.
  4. Several years ago I was running the archery range at Cub Scout Day camp. I had 4 boys shooting. They finished, put the bows down, and went to retreive the arrows-3 of the 4 over shot the targets. i was keeping an eye on them when I turned to have a parent of the 4th on the range picking up a bow and reaching for an arrow to show the son how to shoot. i kicked him off the range, and it took awhile to get him to leave. He could have injured the other children.
  5. I have run the BB and archery ranges for several of my council's Day camps and other events for a long time. And I have had leaders ask about running their own ranges-some have no clue on why you need aa large area for a range. I think that if it is a certified range the scouts should be able to earn the belt loops and pins. (Even though i know certain leaders that have said their Packs have earned the pin on my range-when I told them they didn't-was told who cares they're getting it anyway.
  6. They pay the charter fees to the crew and membership registration to the troop. Dues is paid to both. For trips they decide which they will go as. We have had some of the younger girls go on the trips also and sometimes a check will be made from the troop and the crew.
  7. Learn basic scout skills-fire building, first aid, orienteering, knife and ax safety-etc. A lot of Venturing Crews do high adventure. My high school Girl Scouts are Venturers. The paperwork is different but they get the best from both sides.
  8. You can see about having a committee meeting and dicussing it. But as I tell my Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts when they point out that Scouts in other troops are being handed recognitions that weren't earned is don't worry-you know you've earned yours and the ones you earn are going to mean more to you then the one that are given to others.
  9. In response to kbandit-the parents can request from the Advancement Committee (District) to have alternative requirements done. If he can't read or write he should be able to dictate any work that has to be documented-like a letter to a senator or congressman. Other requirements can be asked directly to the boy and he can give an oral response. If there are handicaps, requirements can be modified.
  10. At our Pack meeting-the Tiger Den was giving presentations on their family trees. The Leader also research a country that their ancestors came from. One boy was giving his presentation on Germany. The leader asked questions to try to get more information out of him and asked-"do you know what the capital of Germany is?" He said "yeah, the letter G"
  11. I was watching as the scouts were practicing first aid. They were going over hyperthermia and the one was reading what to do next and told the other scouts after you remove the wet clothing, you need to rape the victim-should have been wrap the victim.
  12. Start your own Girl Scout Troop and run it how you believe it should be run. When the girl are 14 there Venturing. In my town the boys want to be in my Girl Scout Troop. I have no limit on the number of girls. We do piggy-back activities with my Cub Scout Pack, and Boy Scout Troop. The older girls are also Venturers. They love Scouting and so do I.
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