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  1. I expected this question to draw a firestorm of ridicule, and I am surprised that it hasnt happened. The question is a real one, it comes from my wife and a couple of parents in my den.
  2. In private camps you only tip the kid (s ) who worked directly with the child, Councilor & Asst. Councilor. Im thinking a small amount $5 or $10, just a little thank you. Nothing like the amounts suggested at private camps. I noticed a comment on another thread about tipping at Philmont Training Ctr. The point was made the tipping is not allowed at PTC. Is this a national policy, or is it in some way specific to PTC?
  3. If youve ever gone to, worked at, or sent your children to a private camp, you know that it is expected that you will tip the councilors at the end of the camp session. So, the question is, is it appropriate to tip Den Chiefs at CS Day Camp? My gut tells me that money would be inappropriate, but how about gift certificates for the Scout Shop, Movies, or Sports Authority?
  4. I'm left handed, so what wrong with lines that form to the left?
  5. Packsaddle, I couldnt find any reference to Bob White standing naked in the corner, but dont worry that wont ever happen. Bob will never be completely naked, he will always have a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook at his side, or front, or rear. I hope this makes you rest easier.
  6. OXCOPS, Isnt it funny how things happen by coincidence? Youre having this meeting with the SE and CD, and, in barges this girl............ Wow! Thanks for bringing this to the forum, it was a good exercise for me and I suspect for many others as well. No one wants to suspect the worst in anyone and because of that many of us hesitate just like you did. I hope that this experience will help us all to be a little more proactive in our approach.
  7. I knew what pinking shears were!! So nobody likes the idea of the boys making their own uniform? Just close your eyes and see it. It's a thing of beauty.
  8. That is a military attitude and not the philosophy of the patrol method which is built on participating citizenship not I order/you follow. First, the military attitude that you allude to is the war fighting model and the model set up for initial training. An extremely effective system for the purposes mentioned. However it is greatly over dramatize by Hollywood. In reality, the vast majority of military business gets done in the same way that any commercial business runs. Admirals dont run around barking orders to Captains. The Adm. says, look Capt. we need to get this done. The Adm. m
  9. Virtually all great leaders will say that their leadership style evolved from the experience of working for others. Subordinates watch their superiors, they learn from them, this is a following skill. Baden-Powell, in all likelihood learned great things by following his teachers. He was probably a much better follower than you give him credit for. He learned what worked for him and what didnt work for him. When the opportunity came up, he put he put it all to work for himself. Note that I did not say good followers. Some people will never be good followers. But in the extreme the bad foll
  10. Ed, you are 110% correct! The military says it in a somewhat more poetic way, In order to give commands you first have to learn to take commands this is the fundamental underlying principle of any society governed by the Rule of Law. And as a subset, it is the foundation of all organizations that function with a hierarchy. Without followers there would be no leaders, and with only leaders nothing would move forward. Do we teach following skills heck yeah we do!! Bob, we teach respect, respect for authority, and respect for our leaders. Now if those arent following skills I dont know wha
  11. I just realized what I typed, sometimes the fingers go faster than the head. As you were typing I was editing. Thanks
  12. If this had been done by the book, and the boys of this provisional patrol had been allowed to elect a PL, would it have been acceptable to exclude any of the boys who were currently serving as an PL in a regular patrol from the election, thereby allowing others to have the leadership opportunity?(This message has been edited by fotoscout)
  13. Eamonn, There are now two hats for CS, a Wolf hat and a Bear hat. Marty is the CM. The question is which hat does he wear? The Wolf hat says Wolf on it and the Bear hat says Bear on it. Then of course there is the Webelos hat and the Tiger hat. So many hats and not enough heads to wear them on. Neither is really appropriate for the CM. Since I really dont like the powder blue on the Bear hat, I vote for anything other than the Bear hat. Actually, Im hoping that someone will find an allowance for me to wear my Campaign Hat.
  14. I dont want to speak for Marty but it thing the hat he is referring to is the generic CS hat. The badge was Blue and Gold, and the design is slightly different.
  15. Hi Marty, I had a similar situation. In the end I ended up wearing the hat for my den at the time. The WB staff had no problem with that! Sometime later the manager of our Scout Shop offered to get me the correct hat; he said that he could get them. I havent seen the hat yet, but it might be worth the phone call to your local scout shop. I am curious to see what response comes up here about the campaign hat. I own a very nice one that dates back to the 50s. Id love to wear it but I wont because my understanding is that it is inappropriate for a Cub Leader. Enjoy the experience
  16. Opportunity.. Opportunity for shared experience that would not happen elsewhere. Opportunity to develop life long friendships Opportunity to develop a positive relationship with adults other than teachers and family. Opportunity to be both a follower and a leader. Opportunity to fail in a friendly supporting environment without recriminations, bad grades, or negative feedback. The opportunity to do it again and again and again until we get it right..
  17. OGE, Yes, thats a great way to look at it. I was actually marveling at the ability of their sponge like little minds to absorb literally anything we throw at them.
  18. Hi All, My son got his brown belt tonight! What a peacock! Of course my wife and I knew it was a given, but my son hasnt figured that out yet. Like some of the other schools, the kids are only invited to test when the Sensei is satisfied that they are ready. You know I never cease to be amazed at the capacity of a young child to learn anything. For almost 2 hours these kids when through their material. Sometimes by rote, sometimes on command but never missing a beat, never breaking stride, always confident and sure of what they were doing. Just amazing.
  19. Hi Bob, AS I sit here I hold in my hand a form entitled, Parental Informed Consent and Hold Harmless/Release Agreement. It is printed on the reverse side of a Class 3 Personal Health and Medical Record Form. The release is specifically written for C.O.P.E. or Climbing Program offered through our local Council and is part of the paper work required by our Council for participation in the Climbing Program at Cub Scout Day Camp / Resident Camp. With all due respect, I do not think that Council would waste postage stamps on tinder. At least I would hope not. If you followed the thread ab
  20. Bingo! That's exactly my point Bob. Look at all those requirements. Are we ignorant to think that the millions of American families who embark on a leisurely canoe trip this summer will satisfy all of those requirements? Do you think that all those parents are irresponsible? Now remember we are not talking about moving water or even whitewater. We are talking about a location specifically selected because of its appropriateness for young kids. How many CS do you know that can pass a 100 yd swim test? Not many I suspect. I dont think that I know of any. Bob, I understand the arg
  21. How about if we made the Tailoring MB the 1st badge that a new scout had to earn. It would be OK for him to be out of uniform until he earned the badge. To complete the badge requirements he would have to make a complete BS uniform. It would satisfy the affordable portion of the uniform question. And just think for a minute how good all those scouts would look in their own handmade uniforms.
  22. Bob, Take my Lake Stillwater for example, how would I do this activity as a den acitivity? G2SS says that CS can only go canoeing as a "council/district outdoors programs only", same for rafting and rowing is out completely. As I mentioned earlier, our district doesn't do this stuff, except for some canoeing for camp goers.
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