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  1. Good morning fellow scouters, To add my opinion to this discussion, I would like to talk about 4 boys in my pack, 3 of which will be bridging this March. One of them is my son who has Aspergers(Austic Spectrum), ADHD and SID. Having this in my home has benefitted me greatly as a parent and scouter when working with these boys. I have seen though, leaders and parents who have little tolerance for these boys in our pack and other units. Not to be disrespectful to anyone, but at times there seems to be alot of unintentional ignorance in this area. That being said, I'm not saying that every CM
  2. Gunny, Good afternoon. I am the CM with the pack on the Navy base in Dahlgren (Active Duty PO1) and my dad was a Gunny in Nam. If you ever need anything regarding how things work when on a military installation, please let me know. I have been in this pack for 2 years now. One benefit of 95% of our boys being in military families is that the dad''s have a variety of experience in topics to teach the boys. Along with that being on the base somewhat isolates us from those in town, but we have a very good internal support network. YIS, Rob Ehrhart Cub Master Pack 172 NC1 USN
  3. Good afternoon, In regards to you and your scouts with other abilities, I applaud you for being as strong as you are. Myself, between my wife and kids our house is Apserger's, ADHD and Bi-Polar. I am also a Cub Master with 2 other boys in our pack that have similiar issues. To go along with Kenk, maybe asking the same thing in a different manner may hit the nail right on the head. Given dad's work situation, he may not be there to help with the asking btu maybe he can jot down a few items for you. Also, since it is a comprehension matter, maybe you can ask him tell you what he thinks it is.
  4. Hello Irish Mom, In regards to your situation, I have been in one similiar. Being on a military base and being active duty we change over all our jobs every 3-4 years. Yes, in regards to what the others have said about positions, they are correct. One thing I would like to add is who in yoru district is your UC(Unit Comminisioner)? This person is a member of the District staff and is independant of your pack. This person, along with your COR are obligated to help you get your ducks in a row. Not to mention that when it comes to recharter time, either your COR or DE sign off on the adult lea
  5. Curtis, Good evening. In regards to your situation, we are in a smiliar one ourselves with our track on it's last leg. Our pack is in a very small area itself, located on a US Navy base. Because of this our resources are limited. However, a suggestion would be to look for other packs in your area that would want to go in on the purchase of a track with you. We are looking at an aluminum one ourselves. Doing this would cut your costs and develop a 'network' of fellow scouters. Not to mention the possibility of having additional help come race day. Good luck and I hope things turn out pos
  6. Hi, My name is Rob Ehrhart and I am with Pack 172 in Dahlgren, VA. Our Council recently started to promote a program called 'Tiger Roar' which allows us to 'recruit' perspective Tigers to join the pack the day after they complete kindergarden. Something else that we're doing this year is inviting these boys to our Bridging Ceremony. That way they can see one of the larger events of the year and ask questions with everyone there. For this we are sending home flyers that we have put togather with all the boys. Hope this helps YIS, Rob Ehrhart Cub Master Pack 172
  7. Fellow Scouters, good day to you. Before I begin, a bit about myself. I am a Cub Master in Dahlgren, VA. On a personal level, my son is ADHD, Aspergers and SID along with that, my wife and daughter are Bi-Polar. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you this from daily interaction's, that med's are there for a reason. Yes, I do agree that it may be overdiagnosed at times, but there is a reason for the meds. In my son's case his 'other abilities' are caused by either a chemical unbalance in the brain and 'short circuit's/delays' in the electronics of the brain. This is soemthing that he was born wi
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