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  1. Thanks to all of you for your responses. Everyone has excuses why they havent been available during the summer, and as I now know, June was not the time to begin the pack. To the best of my knowledge this is new for all of the adults involved so far and maybe they just haven't realized the commitment it takes to be Leaders. We are all scheduled for training in 2 weeks and I have taken all of the online training...even some that have nothing to do with cubs . I tend to go at things full force, especially when my very own son is involved. You all have given me the hope that I was needing when I wrote my rantings and I am going into tomorrow night's meeting with a clear description of leadership roles, a rally to recruit more help, and a positive attitude. Thanks again and i will keep ya posted.
  2. Those leadership titles were handed out randomly so that the pack could get it's charter. The 'offical' CM is a mother to 2 scouts in the troop and belongs to our CO. Her first statement was that it was her "job to delegate and after watching me take leadership in everything we were doing, she decided I should be her assistant". My husband was given the title Tiger Den Leader, again for the charter purpose, but as we explained to them many times, he is able to be a Tiger parent, but not a Leader as his schedule does not permit it. So I took over that role. The Wolf/Bear Leader showed up twice with nothing planned for her boys so I started tailoring the Tiger Activities to include other dens and help their advancement...and so on and so on. Once I finally discovered there was a Roundtable (through the internet), I went and felt a little relief. I have been doing all the legwork in the things you mentioned and have really gotten excited about the upcomming year, just feel a little overwhelmed. Hopefully I can get my point across to everyone already involved at the meeting Tuesday. Thanks so much for your input.
  3. In June my 6 y.o came home excited as he has ever been to tell me about Cub Scouts. We rushed to the New Member Night and joined. At the first meeting we discovered this was a brand new unit and there were a total of 3 boys that had actually joined. Positions were assigned to adults and then I worked this entire summer filling each and every leadership role within the unit. I am not bragging, I am stating fact. Although I love doing this for my son and the other boys, I truly can NOT do it all. We are having our New member Night in a couple weeks and I want a quality program for our boys. My official position in the Unit is Cub Master Assistant, but it seems that Pack Commitee Chair may be a better position for me as I seem to be the only one capable of this. We have a meeting tomorrow night and I plan on voicing much of what I said above, but in a more diplomatic manner. Now after all that ranting, my actual question is, May I be registered as both CMA and PCC? Also, if we rearrange the Leadership roles how do we go about changing individual registered positions? Any help or suggestions are appreciated! I truly want to take this little Pack and watch it grow into something special for the boys.
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