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  1. Try searching under yellowpages.com, you can localize your search. Use keywords like: trailer, utility, equipment - that should get you dealers who sell or can direct you to someone who sells these trailers. You will not be able to buy one with decals already on - however, at www.scoutstuff.org you can order a full color, circular (2 sizes - 17.5" and 29", I think) decal of the Scout emblem. I got two for the sides of our new trailer. It took me forever to find this site - I searched for days on the web and this was the one place that had something. I recommend a sign-maker for anything else y
  2. Thanks for your responses. I will check with my insurance agent, and Council, about the assignment for potential liability (I have had vague and confusing responses at the District level). I may not have been clear about our CO's concerns - they have no problem with us having a trailer and have agreed to allow us to store it on the property - they just don't want to be involved in ownership in any way. And the reason we would prefer not to have the trailer owned by an individual is that we would have to pay taxes to buy it, outfit it and maintain it - and since we are legitimately a not-for-pr
  3. Our troop plans to buy a trailer. Our concern is figure out who will "own" the troop's trailer. Our CO is a church, and is tax exempt, but they are reluctant to assume ownership of a trailer due to liability concerns. Some troops have created 501©3 corporations, separate from but associated with each troop. These corporations have tax exempt status, and more importantly are legal entities that can purchase, own, register and carry insurance for a trailer. We have a couple of Scouter attorneys in the troop who are willing to process applications to create one for us, but we are wondering if the
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