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  1. I'll keep the two that I have. The original one wa sbought by my parents when I received my Eagle in 1984 and the other one I bought myself that has the Eagel logo set ontop of red,white, and blue fields on top of the ring. I even went as far as to have my name and Eagle date engraved on the inside of the ring
  2. I have been in the same situation with my DC. I was part of the activities committee for a while my mom(who was on the DC at the same time) was alive(passed away in 2006) and then switched to the advancement committee(overseeing the L2E process and Eagle BOR's). I had done this for six years, and then all of a sudden, the nominating committee selects a new advancement chair(I wasn't even considered) and then was replaced without any notice(phone call or email), just replaced. I was livid and demanded answers from the District Chair, who stated that there were problems while I was doing m
  3. jtswestark Just learned of this post even though it is three years old, I thought it needed to be addressed. Eagle92 It may be just specific to the lodge I belong to in Illinois John-in-KC same reason given to jtswestark. Just adressing an issue that I made aware of from another poster about laura's question about how to get an adult selected to the OA. I am currently the only adult OA member in this troop(recently received the Vigil Honor) and I am not a control freak as she has posted. I have and continue to promote the OA in our troop, but can't seem to get those that are cur
  4. Your troop must attend 50% of the Chapter meetings/Lodge or National OA functions so that you can have an adult nominated in 200_. None of the scouts that are OA have done in this troop. They believe that it is a right to be in OA, not an honor or priviledge. There are 6 scouts that are OA and only once or twice have they even attended any OA function and she seems to think that I am keeping her out of OA. It is up to the Troop Committee, not me that makes the decision to nominate, but if she were to do things right and not cause problems, then maybe, just maybe, she would get n
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'll ask anyway... How many times can a scout earn this award. I was always told that once you earn it, that's it. You only get it once for camping out in the cold. Help me out on this.
  6. Since this is a council sponsored popcorn sale, neither a Money Earning application or Tour Permit is required. AS long as the scout(s) inform the pack kernel of what they are doing outside of the pack popcorn sale, I don't see what the big deal is. Just make sure the scout turns in all of the money when the time is up, so it matches the amount of popcorn is sold.
  7. He won't have to do another project. If he has an electronic copy that should be ok, but if he were to prefer the original, he woul dhave to redo everything and get the needed signatures again
  8. I'm going to side with BobWhite on this one. The DE should not be involved with financial issues of a unit, only the CO should be concerned with the finaces as anything/everything the unit has actually belongs to them(the CO) anyway. As the COR for a local unit, I can request an audit, should the CO feel it necessary, if there are monetary issues.Currently there are none. The DE should only be concerned with the unit itself and worry more about the scouts/scouters. Too many people forget the chain of command and where it starts and stops: #1 Unit Level(try solving problems local
  9. Ok, I had been my local district's Eagle Board Coordinator up until March of this year for a total of 6 years. A scout who successfully passes his Eagle BOR IS NOT considered an Eagle, but is considered an Eagle Candidate, until his packet is returned to the local council office. But the date of the BOR is his official date that shows on the certificate and wallet card. Although I coordinated the process with 6 reps in my district, I sat on the occasional board and made sure that the scout understood as well as the review board that the scout is only a candidate until the packet is back
  10. If you have questions or concerns about the post, you need to direct them to the Blackhawk Area Council Program Director at blackhawkscouting.org
  11. tddbr00 Retesting a scout on his skills at a BOR is strictly prohibited by national policy. The scout should know his knots and only the SM can retest the scout prior to his BOR. A Board of Review is only to find out what the scout likes/dislikes about the program, changes he would like to see and additions/deletions to the program and any other information that he chooses to share with the review committee that is normally stated that it stays between them
  12. In my council, this reference is required. The only exception to this is that if the scout has religious beliefs, but doesn't attend a place of worship, a parent can write the letter. I over see the Life to Eagle process in my district and have that question come up on more than one occasion in the past 5 years. Therer are lines for the following on the Eagle application: Parent/Guardian, Religious, Educational, Employer, and two other personal references. The only letter that is not required is the Employer reference, as some scouts that earn the rank of Eagle are too young to be emplo
  13. Thank you acco. I was hoping that someone would step foreward and bring what their district feels about blood drives.
  14. Ok, Let try this one... If a scout were to do a Blood Drive for an Eagle Project and the Blood Center sets a limit of 40 pints(which they do) to be collected and at the end of the drive it is determined that only 30 pints is collected. Does this constitute a successful Eagle Project ? FYI, the Blood Center won't sign the paperwork to approve as the limit that they set was not collected. I am done with this thread.
  15. John-in-KC Agree with all that the District and Council Advancement Committees have, by National Council Policy, to approve an Eagle Leadership Service Project before it goes forward. Does a blood drive pass muster? Depends on what the local Council Advancement Committee tells the districts it's willing to accept. I'd advise Eagle1984 to sit down with the District Advancement or Council Advancement Chairman or the professional staff member responsible for advancement and have a quiet talk. As to EagleinKY's comment, Irving is turning around Eagle Packages in less than a week. The
  16. I would like to put out the proverbial feelers and get you take on what would constitute an acceptable project for the Rank of Eagle and what would nott be acceptable. There is a scout from a troop in my district that wants to do a blood drive for his eagle project. He called for verbal approval and he was informed that we(the district advancement committee) don't think that doing this type of project exhibits leadership at all for an acceptable project. Even his Eagle advisor along with his father think it is a good idea and even faxed me a sheet from the American Red Cross showing guide
  17. Longhaul, You are a member of the District Advancement Committee so you should know if there is a policy concerning gas powered tools being used in connection with Eagle projects. We have had scouts use only adults for the use of gas powered tools, but for some reason or another this scout's mother thinks that her son should be able to do so with proper supervision, but I disagreed and she was upset with my response. But looking back at part of your original answer, I don't answer to her and if she can't accept my answer, that is her problem. It is the son's project not hers. Th
  18. LongHaul, You have some vaild points and here are the answers to your questions. First, how is answering to this parent your responsibility?She approached me and asked these questions looking for answers. Are you a member of the TC? Yes Is she a member of the TC? Yes If the TC decides that no power tools are to be used then that is all that needs be explained. Certain power tools can be used per the G2SS The TC has no obligation to justify its policy to anyone except the CO. This is G2SS policy not TC Yes we all want to live together in harmony so the TC tries to explain
  19. Packsaddle, I may have to go that route as she seems to like to stir up trouble if it doesn't go the way she wants it to(her way)
  20. I figured that the person in question wants to know why her 16 year old son can't run gas powered equipment
  21. Eamonn, I saw that part, but was looking for information pertaining to all gas powered equipment.
  22. There is an adult leader in the troop I am with who is also a mother of a scout in the same unit who has questioned the use of gas powered tools use on Eagle projects. I know that the G2SS states that power tools can be used, but she wants to see it in writing that gas powered tools can't be used. I have read the current version(2004) and can't find anything. Can anyone help me out ??
  23. The troop I am currently with has no knowledge of what it takes to plan am Eagle Court of honor. We do however have several adults that have been in the program 30+ years that actually offer to help the scout and parents with the planning of the special occasion. I, myself planned as much of my Eagle COH myself without any help from my troop or parents. The troop presented me with a nice gift. The troop could/should buy or at least offer to buy some of the things that are presented(ie, the Eagle Kit), the cake and some of the decorations only if the parents cannot or will not pay for the
  24. So what you are saying is that each OA Lodge in the US makes up their own rules as to all apects of the Order. I try and make sure that unless it is an official OA function that NO ONE, adult or scout wears their sash unless it is what I previously stated. Eagle1984
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