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    • Yea, about that Venturing growth ... 2008 was about when we insistedd that our DE stop feeding us numbers from paper crews whose youh hardly even knew they were registered with the BSA. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of Venturers who actually ever read their oath/code never exceeded 1/4 million. Registration fees, adult applications for 18-20 year olds, and YPT demands didn't help. But, I was surprised last year when my crew couldn't drum up even five youth who wanted to engage the program.
    • Same here. The older boys are too distracted with other pursuits (sports, cars, girls, homework). If they are too busy for Scouting, then I am too busy for them. I’d rather spend my time working with the younger boys who have a real desire and enthusiasm for Scouting.
    • And now I hear from CNN that there were FOUR  deputies waiting outside the school.  Outrageous if true.  I am looking for verification.  Can some of you more computer savvy guys help me out?
    • Glad you did not feel bullied. As to getting wrapped on the knuckles,  what are you referring to?  I found no warnings issued to you. I only found a misunderstanding as to why a thread was locked which had nothing to do with you as Sentinel947 explained to you and you acknowledged "Fair enough, thanks". Thanks for the feedback.  -RS @NJCubScouter , @LeCastor
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