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    • Of course it's a silly naming convention and nowhere near approximates a real PhD.  Just like University of Scouting isn't a real University either. Just for my own knowledge I'm curious what folks do for a Doctorate. I get that there's an independent project involved here.  If you've completed one or know of others who have - what kinds of things did you see for projects?
    • Right - but I don't think he was even registered at all.  If he was registered and you need to remove him - then of course you need to ask council to do that.
    • I strongly recommend you inform council,. That way they can get off your charter ASAP, and can have their access to SCOUTBOOK, and unit related online sources terminated. Grant you, the "CM" is not even registered,but it is a good idea. The DL that was removed has access to the pack's Be.A.Scout.org info, Internet Advancement. and other stuff. It got really crazy.
    • I had thought that I had met the ultimate in control freak scoutmasters about 20 years ago, but I think that yours just won that  very dubious honor.Hands down. There are identical character traits however.  OCD may be playing a part. Grammer? He wants to spec the screw head design? The kind of chips? Note that he passed the responsibilities of these demands to the retired scoutmaster and the eagle board. But by far the most telling is his  statement  of " This is how I do it, and you have to have MY signature- and I'M  not signing"     Houston, we have a problem ! And it's that the SM is not only not helping his scouts, he is actively hindering them. I cannot help but wonder how many Scouts before your son have given up in frustration  or disgust on ever ever getting their Eagle. My .02 cents?   Go to the distrust advancement chair and the DE. If that yields no quick results go to Council.  Bullying little tin gods have no business being scoutmasters. 
    • This is one of those personally challenging times as a CC.  What us really going on here is that this fellow is challenging that the basic operating model of the pack.  You, as CC, need to do the very unpleasant thing and take a very hard, firm line here.  No meetings, no discussions, no committee involvement.  You simply talk one-on-one with the COR and follow through on your decision as the CC.  His involvement with the pack is terminated.  Send him a registered letter and inform the rest of the pack leadership.  My email would be as simple as: You can communicate it to the district, council, or whatever.  But, frankly it doesn't matter.  You, as CC, are in charge.  You make the decision and that's that.
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