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    • Let’s face facts. It costs real time and money on BSA’s part to vette volunteers. Those of us who are in “fee” positions are fronting the bill for those who are only in “no fee” positions. It’s worth it to us boots on the ground because we hate the thought of sending scouts to a sketchy adult just for the sake of a lousy patch that someone with a clear record could provide if we knew we needed to recruit them. Moreover, any further improvements to YPT are most likely coming from increased fees. So, if your only position is MBC, and you have more to offer a unit or district, consider setting aside funds (and time) for the registration fees and the training. In the long run, that will ease the burden on the rest of us.
    • No, you can't.  The registrars will not allow this.  MBC is a "no fee" position.  All unit positions are "fee" positions.  Registrars can see this.  (The only "no fee" unit position is Institution Head (IH) ) If you are in a "no fee" position, and register for a "fee" position, the registrar will charge you. Once you have a paid "fee" position in a primary unit, you can then multiple into other fee positions in other units at no charge.
    • This used to be a work-around to avoid registration fees... but no longer. 1. What happens when a merit badge counselor (who didn't have to pay registration fees) wants to become an ASM as well?  - They must fill out an application and pay the fees to become a registered unit leader/unit member. 2. MBC is a district/council position so how does that work if the MBC is a parent in a troop--would this MBC have to then pay fees to be dual-registered as an ASM for the troop?  - Yes.  Note:  MBC's are not registered with your unit.  They have not been approved by the COR as a unit leader.  This COR approval is done through the signed application.  MBCs do not count for two-deep leader requirements on unit outings.  They can count for two-deep only in MB counseling sessions, where the other adult must be a parent/guardian of the Scout, our a registered unit leader (for the Scout's unit). 3. Can this MBC serve as a Troop Committee Member and vote? Can that be done? - Yes, but only by registering as a Committee Member.  Note:  SM/ASM's are NOT members of the Troop Committee.  The Scoutmaster Corps does not have a vote in Committee Meetings.  They are there to advise and report.  However, I have been a part of many units that just allow anyone who shows up for a meeting to vote.  It should not be that way, but many do it.  The SM/ASM's work for the Committee!  The feedback on their performance comes through the Boards of Review that Committee Members do. 4.  How about a currently registered ASM signing on to also become a MBC so that he/she no longer has to pay registration fees at recharter? - It doesn't work that way.  If the person wants to stay as an ASM, the unit must pay the fee at recharter.  See note under #2.   5. Am I right to assume that adults who register for free as MBCs will not show up on the troop roster on Scoutbook? - Correct.  MBCs (if that is their only position) will not show up on your Troop roster.  They are not members of your unit. When Scoutbook was first out, you could put people on your roster there without having them pay registration fees.  So, that's what we did: register them as MBCs, and internally have them be COR approved.  It saved a lot of money on recharter.  We followed the letter of the law, but not the spirit of it.  Basically, it comes down to this, the BSA wants its money!  Yes MBCs have to do YPT and get a background check done.  So, administratively, other than the COR-approved unit application, there is no substantial difference between an MBC and a Unit Scouter Reserve.  We actually kept our leader roster at the minimum of five (to recharter the unit), and put in the other positions in Scoutbook.  (It saved us hundreds of dollars) Someone at National got wise to this scheme (maybe), and now that the Scoutbook roster is tied to your official unit roster, you cannot do this any more. Does that help answer?
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