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    • While the premise is laudable the danger of it becoming a political punching bag would have been considerable.  On the other hand, taking the campaign to another level, and incorporating other youth is a focused and well-planned campaign might fit.  As it is presented in the vague story, it would be hard-pressed to meet the project parameters.  Still, we do need to encourage our current generation to take control and work towards a better world environment.  
    • Point well made. I wasn't initially a fan of this Eagle project as there is clearly a political motivation here.  The minute a Scout gets involved in a process that provides benefit to some and results in expense to others where the choice is made by a political body, the project is by nature political.  While this cause seems pretty noble - so to are many others which can be seen as more controversial.  Scouting has been through enough turmoil lately that we don't need even more political affiliation. Yet, I agree think Eagle projects could have even more relevance in the community if Scouts were encouraged to raise the bar like this.  So, for that matter, I think this is a good example of innovation in an Eagle project.
    • Buy the LARGE sash.  It can be "taken in" by tacking up the top shoulder area. Then, as the MBs proliferate and the Scout enlarges,  it can be let out.    I have also seen extra fabric added in (buy another sash and cut it up for extra material?)
    • I agree that it's a poor Eagle project as described because it does not "give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community." It also seems to be difficult to "be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort."  I suspect a modification to the plan could have gotten it there. Find an environmental advocacy group in the area and promote an awareness/advocacy project that involved educating the public on the issue and some level of a campaign to get it presented for a vote. That seems to fit, as I understand things.
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