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    • @Momleader - I have a sense that short of asking your council what the specifics of their policy is, we are unlikely to know here.  I think you will find lots of good analysis of the probabilities and reasoning - but what specifically the policy in place through your council does in a situation like this is something that we are simply unlikely to know.  My own hunch is that the policy your council provides will provide coverage in almost every scenario.  I find it unlikely that the council would have a policy in place ahead of time that foresaw this scenario.  But again, it's just a wild guess on my part. As for how do two council have such wildly different policies - it's simple - it's the makeup of each council's Executive Board that determines it.  Sounds like you've got a council with some more cautious people on the board.  The other council has some less cautious people.  What I've come to appreciate is that councils are very independent from national - they each were really making their own decisions once we got past that initial month or two.  Once the states started determining their own opening up policies, it appeared that councils really were all figuring this out.  I can see how one would think this would be coordinated by national - but national just isn't that involved in this level of decision making.  
    • This tells me the outside council may believe your council insurance will apply to your unit, even if you go outside of the council.  Many beliefs turn out to be incorrect.
    • Parental waivers may bar suits by parents, but are generally ineffective against suits by minors, unless approved by the court having jurisdiction over the  minors - often a "Family Court."  Minors have no capability to enter into a contract and parents generally have no power to contract on their children's behalf. Council permission has no effect to  bar liability, but lack of permission may be admissible evidence of negligence.
    • My religion does not impose any rules about not having appropriate one-on-one interactions outside of church functions.  Nor does it impose two-deep adult leadership outside of church.  I don't know of any religion or organization, other than BSA, that does this.  I do think BSA is unique in this regard.  I could be wrong, but I don't know of any.  
    • I interpreted the second Q on this FAQ to mean that if your local council is saying no camping then you need to follow that and not camp outside of council. If my interpretation is correct then you possibly could be liable if someone contracted Covid. You also have to look at it as your Council is taking these measures not just to reduce risk to scouts within your own unit/Council but also because the scouts in your region could present a risk to scouts in another region if you take them out of Council. Considering how Covid rates have varied widely almost by zip code, it seems the more prudent option.  There was a lot of confusion and many differing opinions about it this summer though.  https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/
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