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    • We have peppermint tea, in teabags, easily available. Though my only experience of it was on a scout camp, where someone made me a proper cuppa, and another leader a peppermint tea, and as the light wasn't so good, I accidentally took the peppermint tea and added milk. It was grim. That stuff in brackets, I'm lost mate, as lost as a Portuguese scout trying a Worcestershire sauce crisp, sorry, chip. *Sun* tea? Never heard of it. In a water bottle? [makes sceptical face] 
    • But his interview/statement doesn't seem to indicate that he fully acknowledges any of that. He makes excuses, suggests that he may not have even touched her backside, and then dances around an apology but never really gives one.  It's easier to forgive when the person in question at least truly realizes what they did. 
    • @Tahawk

      I like that quote. I often think that failures of our Scouts are learning opportunities for them. Consistent or repeated failures are often failures by the adults to provide the right support to the youth.  There is a point I believe gets lost in the conversation about youth leadership in Scouting. I believe there is a spectrum of youth leadership, and adults need to adapt their own styles to meet youth along that spectrum. What a Scoutmaster must do, and the support they should provide to a brand new troop of 11 year old's is different than in a mature troop that has been functioning for many years.  In my own troop I've seen the dangers of a Scoutmaster who micromanages scouts that don't need it, but I've also seen some rather experienced youth leaders flounder when they didn't receive any sort of check in from the Scoutmaster.  I've always sought to emulate my first Scoutmaster when I was an youth. During the meetings he would sit off to the side, and if a Scout needed something from him, they knew exactly where to find him. Outside of meetings, he would check in with his SPL's and it would be something simple like "Are you happy with your plan, do you need anything from me?"
    • A few months ago I searched for wooden storage box plans, and was able to find a few sets of plans. A recent search hasn't yielded any. Can anyone point me in the right direction of some sets of plans to build some good dutch oven boxes??
    • It looks like 3 organizations according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scouting_and_Guiding_in_India
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