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    • Nope, Sentinel is correct, Bishops answer only to the Pope, or higher.  The USCCB can vote on recommended actions, and a whole lot of pressure would be brought to bare on any diocese dissenting.  For that reason it is only really important matters that reach that kind of action.  But in the end, the Bishop who heads the diocese runs the diocese as they will.
    • Let me guess. The recharter paperwork came back and you're no longer the SM? Either way, having a good relationship with the CO is a really important goal of unit leadership. That's what prevents surprises, at least the kind that come in two parts. I wish you the best.
    • I’ll should wait for part 2. But what you’ve recounted so far emphasizes the importance of two-deep leadership and no one-on-one contact, and the difficulty ensuring it every minute of 240 hours of summer camp.
    • Displeased with Former COs who are "Iffy" about our Units  Carter: I formed two new units over the last four years -- a new Scouts BSA Troop for Girls and a new Sea Scout Ship.  We interviewed many potential chartered organizations and chose two outstanding entities that we knew to be examples of strong organizations that believed strongly in our Scouting missions.  Our chartered organizations are deeply involved in what we do and provide oversight and other assistance.  We are the principal youth program for both COs and they receive significant benefit through their association with us.  I say this to everyone out there:  there are many very fine potential COs out there who really want to have an affiliation with a fine Scouting unit, so there is no need to lower the dignity of your Scouting unit by agreeing to something "half way".  There is not much reason to become a "renter" if there is a strong organization that wants to be a full-on Chartered Organization. Our units would never be associated with an organization that was "iffy" about our organization or mission.  We have nothing to be ashamed of and should rightly look elsewhere if a CO is questioning our worth, purpose or organizational quality.  We would never choose an organization that has internal political/organizational/financial problems -- because those problems would become your problems.  Why be associated with an entity that wants to put distance between them and your very fine Troop?  Congratulations on using sound judgement and leaving behind the difficulties of your previous CO.  Thank them for the assistance in the past, but do not look back or regret the change.
    • It looks like a Junior Girl Scout (GSUSA) Practice With A Purpose badge https://www.girlscoutshop.com/JUNIOR-PRACTICE-WITH-PURPOSE-BADGE https://blog.girlscouts.org/2018/02/5-athlete-badges-that-change-girls-lives.html https://www.gsksmo.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gsksmo/OtherDocuments/at-home/Junior-Practice-Purpose.pdf
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