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    • I I only have them discuss their thoughts on 6(b) 1 and 2. 3-7 I leave them to discuss with their parents, and have the parent sign that they completed the discussions. I ask them after they've had their family meetings if they want to share any general observations about 6-7, but the others I avoid- especially on the family finances, not really my place to know all that is going on there.
    • I would be careful with the topics of requirement 6.  In particular, I would avoid those discussions with other scouts present.  Some families may not want their dirty laundry shared with the Troop.   family_life.pdf (scouting.org)    
    • We did a 5 day/4 night summer camp on our own durng COVID.  $10/ person was the cost to use the camp for the entire week, and it was a primitive camp. Food was less than $8 a day, and our guys can currently get a weekend for $20.  We were able to use another troop's canoes for free. It was well under $100 I would talk to the Scouts and see what they want to do. Also make sure the schedule is flexible. The only thing we had fixed is Thursday Night BORs because we had committee members drivng in to do them. Our bike trek took longer than scheduled, and wore them out. So we had free time afterwards instead of an activity. The forecast had rain the night of the survival shelters, so we moved nites. Again schedule was flexible except got BORs, and we had 3 that night. Just make sure everyone is on board with no MBs. My CC and Scouts want MBs, even the 2 who do not need them.  Good luck
    • Our local camps are in the $450/wk range. We're choking on that because a lot of parents can't afford it. Plan B is roll our own summer camp: 4-5 days (around a weekend so parents don't have to take much time off), skills in the morning, some type of fun activity in the afternoon, patrol cooking. So, for younger scouts it's about skills and fun and for older scouts it's leadership and fun. Anyway, cost estimate so far is $20/day for food, $5/day for camping facility, double all that to cover the fun activities. $250 for 5 days. For anyone that has done this, is this even close? My guess it depends on the activities. A trail ride would be fun one day. We have access to some kyaks and a lake. We have loads of hiking nearby.
    • Talk with the parents to see if they want their son cover the “why” of a restrictive sexual ethic.
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