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    • Except that the 2nd Amendment as it's written, is blatantly clear that gun control legislation is in violation of the enumeration of rights.   If we said there should be heavy restrictions on who should and shouldn't be able to speak openly or publish news... there would be almost universal agreement this is in violation of the 1st Amendment, regardless of the merits of such a claim. Heck, Donald Trump even proposed such an idea in response to his "fake news" claims, and there was collective rejection of the premise out of hand, despite the technology advances since the amendment and the ability to disseminate vast amounts of fake and potentially harmful news to millions of people in seconds. 
    • I'm not sure the classification matters. There was a list of 17 kids who were the same age as my Explorer Scouts when they were shot and killed. Same age as my own children. They are gone and the lives of those around them are in tatters..
    • Beyond the obvious that you've no doubt investigated: Fundraise to cover the cost of a pod or storage facility space.  Contact a storage contractor and see if they'd we willing to donate the space annual or reduce price. Work with the CO to build a unit/area/room on property which they and you can use. Find an alumnus with property willing to allow you to store stuff. Contact other units in your district and see if they will 1) allow you to store stuff, or 2) go in on a storage facility with you. If council camp is near by see if they will allow you to store on-site (highly doubt they will, but worth talking). Contact council to see what other options they have. Of course, access, security, money, etc., are all issues to varying degrees with which you will have to deal.
    • We have 20 times as many participants in our sports programs than we have in scouting.  It is true that some of our team sports have a limited roster. Other sports like track and field, tennis, golf, and wrestling are pretty much open to anyone who wishes to participate.  My point, however, was not about recruitment. I am asking if we should be serving the boys we currently have, or only those boys we anticipate will continue on in the program.
    • I never really thought about this...as our COR, not once in my years with the pack and troop ever showed up to a single meeting that I attended...committee or otherwise.  I never personally have ever spoken to the man. BUT If I were appointed COR for a unit, I'd pretty much insist on doing just one unit, and I'd tell BSA to take a hike on any such rule.  I say this because I'd like to think that as COR I'd try to attend at least a majority of the committee meetings, and at least some of the troop meetings and events....I'd recon that to be at least maybe 1-3 meetings per month.  That would be double the meetings if I were doing a troop + pack....and triple if there was also a crew.  No thanks
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