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    • I think the big question is if a court issues a stay during the appeal to this decision (assuming there is one).  Without a stay, it is hard  to imagine an appeal not being moot. 
    • P.S.  It is nice of you to do, but it is not your place to name your replacement.  That is COR business.  Of course, you can ask and help, but it is the COR's signature on the application.  Period. I followed this exit plan when I was departing as the Scoutmaster.  I gave them one year advanced notice, and gave a reminder at every Committee Meeting.  I gave my recommendations to the CC and COR for who from the ASM Corps could be my replacement.  I talked with each of the ASM Corps about taking the job. No one did anything until I announced in my Scoutmaster's Minute, "Scouts, it has been wonderful working with you!  This is my last meeting as your Scoutmaster!  I look forward to working with you guys as a Merit Badge Counselor, and from time to time as an Assistant Scoutmaster.  The Chartered Organization Representative and Committee Chair will announce who the new Scoutmaster is as soon as they have finished their selection.  See you on the trail!" It was actually funny that, after all my admonitions for the year, the parents and other adults in the room had a look of genuine shock on their faces.  People hear what they want to hear, I guess... They had a new Scoutmaster named by our next event that weekend. And there were no hard feelings 😜 
    • Just remember that the cub master reports to the committee chair This sounds like a bad working relationship. My guess is the CM has no idea you're burned out. The only reason you're sticking around is for the scouts. That's really good of you, up until it explodes. My suggestion, for the continued good of the scouts and your sanity, is prepare yourself to educate the CM on what he's doing to you and any future CC that you can't find. Be honest, firm, and kind. Leave your anger at the door. Remember the scouts. Remember that he's likely burned out as well. Talk about ways to get more adults to help out. And then after all of that, follow @InquisitiveScouter's exit plan. Good luck.
    • Army guys People are lazy, and they will let you carry their water as long as you are willing to carry it. There is really no dilemma here. Set a deadline for your departure (recommend no more than 60 days from now.)  Stick to it!  Announce to the COR and Cubmaster that, as of that date, you will no longer be with the Pack.  Stick to it!  Tell everyone that you have asked, for some time, for someone to take the position, with no takers.  Give them your departure date.  Mass email, committee meetings, or whatever method of communication you use...  Stick to it! At each and every meeting, announce your impending departure date.  Stick to it! On your departure date, send out your email or other notice thanking everyone for the opportunity to serve, and that you will take some great memories with you.  Stick to it! After your departure date, forward Pack business emails to the COR and Cubmaster.  Do not add anything to them... just forward.  After your departure date, if anyone calls you about Pack business, politely tell them you have left your position with the Pack and give them the COR and Cubmasters phone numbers or other contact info.  Stick to it! It will take a few weeks, but soon all contacts will dwindle to a trickle, then to nothing.  Personally, I'd give it three weeks after departure, and then I'd ignore all Pack business emails... Learn to say "No."  Amicably, but firmly. Thanks for serving the Pack and Scouting for 9 years!  Enjoy your retirement!
    • LOL, yeah, the last two points were being facetious... note the "overkill" and "LOL, if only  " remarks...
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