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    • So, in my time, from Dan Beard to Kit Carson Museum at Rayado, over 42 miles, with a 28± pound pack, I ran 11 hours 24 minutes, which at the time was 1 hour 13 minutes faster than the prior record.
    • What makes an area/community eligible to participate in the ScoutReach program? I'm sure there is some type of income cap for the area, county, or something like that.  All I find online is brochures about participating, but no set requirements outside leadership requirements and charter stuff.   
    • Beyond moving the current CC to USR and the new CC into the CC slot. Yes, they will sit as Unit Scouter reserve until recharter or their membership expires if they aren’t going to re-up in general. 
    • Both of your comments tie together. Scout Reach is supposed to be about financial disadvantage regardless of location or race. One of the units I volunteer with finally was able to brow-beat the council into giving us Scout Reach funding (council ponied matching funds for disadvantage scouts in the unit); we just would not shut up and kept beating up council staff on the fact that our community is primarily white with 41% living at or below the poverty line (56% of youth in the community are reported to be in disadvantaged households) and that it shouldn't matter that we're not in the "inner city" of the council. Scout Reach is pure broken in my opinion. 
    • A lot of good points; but the PDFs are not even available to print on demand and are not maintained. GTA is a mess, with about 2 dozen sub pages with hacked together updates. I would totally go with, hey come here and grab the PDF and take it to kinkos if you want. 
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