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    • I think this is a bigger issue. Fewer adults volunteering, irrespective of cost. Adding cost will make it worse. There are ways around the fees. Do your own summer camp and save a bundle. Unfortunately, that takes volunteers. Our troop is slowly morphing into a core of volunteers without kids in the program and parents that help but won't do any heavy lifting. I'm curious if this is close to the UK model (sounds like none of their leaders have kids in their units). I don't see a solution to these problems yet but have a feeling we have to adapt to a new reality.
    • This is where my head went last night as well. National thinks on a calendar year basis for everything. Those of us delivering the program generally think on a school-year basis. Generalizing here, but most units strive for "back-to-school" recruitment, so new scouts you bring in (whether Cub or Scouts BSA) are then starting in August/September. So, those of us in the program now are theoretically "grandfathered" to the annual (1/1) fee structure, so easy enough for those you have around now both youth and adult. but, going forward, you start to add in "off-cycle" membership as of this fall.  Now, add in the confusion regarding Council fees. There is nothing inherent in what National has decided that requires a Council to follow suit. our Council today does not "pro-rate" the Council Activity Fee. So, new Scout starting 9/1/23 is asked to pay $25 joining fee, $80 BSA Membership fee, $80 Council fee = $185. On 1/1/24, they will need to pay an additional $80 Council fee, and then for 9/1/24 another $80 BSA membership fee (assuming it doesn't go up again next year), and then 1/1/25 another $80 council fee. That is $425 in less than a year-and-a-half. Committee Chairs/Membership Chairs will have to track all the various dates, and for a unit to be fully compliant to BSA policy, if that Scout hasn't paid their BSA Membership fee timely, you would need to hold them back from participation. At least now, BSA can pull exception and be plausible that not all charters/membership renewal are processed by 1/1 so there is leeway. I cannot imagine that argument ever "holding up in court" so to speak going forward when there is no common one-size-fits-all date the entire BSA is on. Now, swap my example above and change new Scout to new adult. Anyone who has had to track YPT for a unit will tell you it's like herding cats keeping everyone current on training. Truly, I believe they just opened the door to incredible chaos.
    • Continuing to think on this, and am wondering if there will be a box to check for scout that are on scholarship- if their renewal emails can be sent straight to the pack. If anyone is national is listening, we need that to be an option!     
    • Did our new Youth Protection Executive Glen Pounder speak at NAM? I have not heard him speak yet about new YP measures and organization in the BSA going forward?
    • We have never charged our volunteers to volunteer. We know how many volunteers we need to pay for and divide that cost and build it into what we charge scouts. Now each adult will get an email charging them $60 to volunteer each year. I can't think through just yet if we will attempt to reimburse that or what that will look like.  I agree that this sounds ok at first glance but will actually lead to added work on the part of the (paying) volunteers running each unit. 
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