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    • Eternal vigilance is the price we pay to provide youth protection.  How often do we see adults yacking with their backs turned away from youth they are supervising? Playgrounds, malls. scout activities... How often do we see a mandatory reporter fined for failing to report?  Should reporter laws be changed from "if knew" to "should have known"? How often has an "abuse report" resulted in a visit from Council which changed or retrained troop leadership?  My $0.02,
    • Did your troop do anything special to recognize Veterans Day? A small group of boys from our troop participated in setting out wreaths at a nearby National Cemetery.  I heard of another troop that would clean the headstones of military veterans. What does your unit do?
    • Simon Kenton Council in Ohio plans to close the Chief Logan Scout Reservation at the end of the 2020 camp season and is also pondering the sale of additional land at Camp Lazarus.   Story: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191111/boy-scouts-consider-sale-of-chief-logan-camp-and-part-of-camp-lazarus
    • In Massachusetts, a scout built a flag-retirement pit for a VFW post as his Eagle project.  Story: 
    • In New England, our eastern hemlocks (IMHO, our most important tree) are turning to skeletons due to the woolly adelgid.  The browntail moth  is attacking oaks and cherry twice during growth season.  Good news, the winter moth has just about been eradicated. Eastern white pines cannot withstand the wind gusts we are seeing from climate change.  Sugar maples are in decline from acid rain and warmer winters.  Plant zones are shifting north at a faster rate. I was zone 5, soon to be zone 6, so plant forward with a rotating  biodiversity.  My eastern white pine and eastern hemlock woods will become Norway spruce and ??? and ??? 
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