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Seen the new TV PSA Ad?

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  • Seen the new TV PSA Ad?

    So I was watching "Liberty's Kids" as I ate my breakfast this morning (gotta look up Charles Lee)and after the Medicare Gap Insurance ad (this is a targeted audience?) lo and behold, I am watching a bunch of kids playing a tug of war across a mud pit, and they are wearing Cub Scout t-shirts! And then I notice the voice over, about having fun and over 100 badges to learn stuff while earning them with your buddies and (splash!) and tell your mom and dad and call this number or go to All over in about 20 seconds I guess. Wow!
    This was on the "Cookie Jar" hours on a CBS affiliate.

    Anybody else been there, done that? Whaddya think?

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    I haven't seen it. It's been awhile since my kids have been young enough to watch the morning cartoons. It is nice to see they are doing something with some historical content.

    Charles Lee (assuming we are talking about the Revolutionary War figure) was an American (though born in England and a former British army officer) general and de facto second-in-command to George Washington during much of the war. In fact, he was Washington's main competition for the position of commander-in-chief and he resented Washington's appointment, since Lee had much more military experience. He was a controversial figure and his battle record was, to put it gently, mixed. There was a famous incident here in New Jersey when Lee, while marching part of the army south from New York to join Washington (for what became the Battle of Trenton), stopped for the night at a house (called a "tavern" in some accounts I have read) and in the morning was captured by the British while wearing his dressing gown.

    Was that part in the cartoon?

    Anyway, its good to see the BSA doing some advertising, I wonder whether it will do any good.

    Oh, Charles Lee is also the "Lee" in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which anyone who has ever been on the George Washington Bridge has passed through, whether they knew it or not.(This message has been edited by njcubscouter)


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      Must have been one of these:


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        I should add. BSA has had PSAs for years, and they've been posted on the National Council web site for some time. Whether or not you *see* a PSA in your area has to do with two things. First, your council has to order them in a format suitable for broadcast (they can't just download the versions on the website & email them to the TV station :-)). Two, the TV station has to agree to run them - for free. BSA doesn't pay for ads & I doubt local councils do either.

        You're lucky they actually ran them at a time the target audience (young boys & moms) would see them. Often they end up running at 2 a.m.


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          If memory serves me correctly, the revolutionary war general named Charles Lee subsequently was exchanged by the British and disgraced him self at the Battle of Monmouth, also in New Jersey. That took place in 1778 I believe.