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  • Ebay for uniforms

    I have noticed people site cost as one reason kids don't have uniforms. I just bought two almost brand new Cub Scout shirts (2) neckers, and (2) slides from Ebay for $13 shipped. I have also found nearly new looking pants, shirts, shorts, etc... on there. As I re-enter Scouting as a Tiger Den leader I want to be sure I have more than one presentable uniform. Since I still have my old long sleeve shirt and pants I plan on picking up a spare on Ebay.

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    EBay is a great option.

    I think in general the cost issue is a red herring argument. However, there are some kids and units who truly cannot afford the uniform.

    I do not want to start this discussion back up because it has been rehashed many times, but I think everyone should be working toward a complete field uniform even if they cannot afford one right away.


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      My troop growing up had a used uniform closet for the families who couldn't afford a new uniform. But we were required to be in full uniform for weekly meeting, leaving for camp, or just about any other function unless otherwise noted.


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        I recently bought a pair of uniform pants on E-bay for $15 or so. These didn't have the cargo pockets and such which was my preference.

        I put in a search parameter for what I wanted and received an e-mail every couple of days with items that were possibilities, and I found and got what I wanted within a couple of weeks.

        I think I used adult boy scout uniform pants as a search parameter, or something like that.


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          I use eBay for items not available in Scout shops. For example, I have an Air Scout XL hat and belt, 1950s leader jacket, etc. Usually Scout uniforms are at a fair price, but Venturing uniforms from 98-08 are really hard to find.

          By the way, if anybody has the OLD Venturing uniform they don't want anymore, I will buy from you!(This message has been edited by chaoman45)


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            EBAY IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I've gotten uniform items for myself, both kids, and an entire vintage 1950s den mother uniform for the wife.

            That last one will be going back on ebay in the near future


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     is better (better quality and a heck of a lot cheaper) than eBay. A Scout is Thrifty.


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                So how do you purchase from ebay when you don't have credit cards or a paypal account????

                Many of my familys do not....

                So I buy them from craigslist or the thrift stores when they call.


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                  Anyone with money can get a credit card -- just buy a one-time or rechargeable credit card from a grocery store or gas station. Pretty much every grocery store and most gas stations sell those.


                  • jblake47
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                    Most banks offer debit cards on their checking and savings accounts, they work just like credit cards on Ebay, and they're free, no annual fees, no monthly billings, no interest/minimum amount due.


                  • Scouter99
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                    Yeah, and if you don't deposit/"recharge" at least $1000 onto them every month you get dinged with this and that fee.

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                  I bought ALL my stuff (loops, CSPs, pants, shirts) on eBay. The only thing I can't get is my Commissioner neckerchief


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                    There are many clothing sites available where you can get uniforms. Many sites have tie up with school and other organizations where uniform is compulsory, so they can buy it from those sites.

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                    Get designer swimwear at Camilla House.
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                      It seems harder to find the Adult sizes though aside from eBay