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  • Unit College Scouter Reserve

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of being registered in Position 92U (Unit College Scouter Reserve), and I'd like to know if there is a patch that is worn for this position, or since it is a new position, if anyone knows if a new patch is in the works from National supply.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Nope. No office patch for any of the scouter reserve position.

    This is because you aren't expected to wear a uniform. Its to keep your registration while you are away at college or the like. If you were being active enough that you'd need to wear a uniform, you shouldn't be using that registration.


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      Most of the folks I know who would be in this POR wear an ASM patch.

      My understanding is that this new position was created for those councils that have mandated training for unit leaders. This position only requires YPT to be considered "trained."

      Now if you were in the College Scouter Reserve (92), then you could wear no numbers, silver loops, and a district committee patch . And if memory serves, its only 1 of 2 PORs that under 21yos can have and be on the district committee.


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        You aren't expected/required to wear the uniform by the BSA, but your unit and yourself might decide the parents might feel more comfortable explaining your presence and acting as an ASM if you wore the standard uniform on the occasions you are able to attend. Standard patching if you exercise this option, no special uniform designators for 92U.


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          If it helps you, the practice in my Council is to wear the designations of the position 92 CSR, even if you are UCSR.

          However, an email to someone at the National Office yielded this response with regard to CSR designations on the uniform:

          "The assumption, and intention, is that a College Scouter Reserve registrant takes on that status because they are not able to be active or do not have the time to be active in Scouting but want to maintain registration. There is intentionally no patch. If they have time to participate in Scouting they should register in an active position."


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            The comment above is obviously from someone at national who hasn't been in the field either in years or at all. I know many folks who only have the time to assist their units during their breaks. And these breaks may last as little as a week or as long as 2-3 months. And mandatory training in some areas, and coming to others, how do you expect someone to get trained when they are not around except those brief periods?


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              District/Council College Scouters do not have a patch either, unfortunately. We're district-level volunteers but we aren't allowed on the district committee (or so my DE told me). I went back and forth with National for several months over trying to get a College Scouter patch approved for 92 (before 92U was announced) and they didn't want it because they didn't think enough people would buy one. We just get to wear silver loops and look important.

              As for the BSA official who didn't understand the position: My College Scouter group helped with the local Scouting for Food campaign. We just didn't have a lot of time to volunteer and our council only conducted training while we were gone. That precluded registering for ANY other position.


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                92's are part of the district committee since it's a district level POR. So that emb is appropriate. Just like someone only registered as an MBC is a member of the district committee can wear it.

                You just can't vote FWIW.


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                  I wish I had gotten that answer from someone sooner since I'm registered as both. Thanks, 92!