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  1. Only the National Jamboree (not local jamboree) patch may be worn above the right pocket, and it should be the most recent one you attended. Even World Jamboree patches are no longer permitted there -- they need to be on the right pocket.
  2. In the new Guide to Insignia and Advancement, they identify in the section on Shoulder loops that the COR should wear silver shoulder loops. They say: "Council and District Scouters (including Chartered Organization Representatives): Silver."
  3. Page 65 of the new Guide to Awards and Insignia (the Insignia Guide) states: "Shoulder Loops, ribbon, on the shoulder epaulets; the color identifies the wearer's primary registered position in Scouting: ... Council and district (including chartered organization representative) - silver." So, CORs wear silver. And with regard to the unit numerals, the COR badge of office (and all Council/District badges of office, for that matter) is listed under the part headed "Universal and Nonunit Insignia," so my reading suggests that these positions don't wear numerals.(This message has bee
  4. Bart, I actually did buy a new book, because my Troop is in dire need of correction (that's a separate issue), so I'm sharing it with the PLC and they can run uniform inspections, which I will sit in on and serve as "arbitrator" with the book in hand. On page 14, it references Shoulder Loops. It specifies only the olive. It doesn't mention about red not being allowed anymore, so that's my fault there (was running off of someone else).
  5. If it helps you, the practice in my Council is to wear the designations of the position 92 CSR, even if you are UCSR. However, an email to someone at the National Office yielded this response with regard to CSR designations on the uniform: "The assumption, and intention, is that a College Scouter Reserve registrant takes on that status because they are not able to be active or do not have the time to be active in Scouting but want to maintain registration. There is intentionally no patch. If they have time to participate in Scouting they should register in an active position."
  6. dfolson, there is not a Council Contingent Leader position anymore. They need to register as unit leaders or as staff in order to attend the Jamboree.
  7. As a current member of my lodge's executive committee, this advice is spot-on. My only objection is that a lodge cannot "restrict" the wearing of a specific flap by any person who is legitimately authorized to wear a flap. In my lodge, we have a stock flap that changes every now and again as authorized by the LEC that we give to new Ordeal members, but if you somehow got your hands on our "Got Brotherhood" flap (given to Brotherhood members) even if you were an Ordeal member, you could wear that flap. If you didn't go to Jamboree or NOAC but got a flap, you can wear that flap. So long as y
  8. A couple of clarifications, etc. here after reading through this thread: 1) BSA24, the by-laws and the BSA's Rules and Regulations apply to everyone. Could you imagine if adult volunteers were trading old rank badges or their square knots (an action specifically prohibited by the Rules and Regulations)? Even if they weren't directly governed by them, a Chartered Organization Representative is automatically a member of the Council, and as the COR is head of the unit, the unit is now bound to wear the uniform properly. 2) Red loops were formally retired and these are no longer refere
  9. As someone who had to write articles on this document, after speaking with a National OA Committee member about it, I know that the change did not make it to the printer in time.
  10. Okay, here's the deal. The Lodge Chief can, but does not necessarily, serve as a member of the Council Camping Committee. For example, my Council asks the lodge chief to serve as one of two allowed youth representatives to the Council Executive Board. There is no definitive method for where the Lodge Chief can serve--while the National OA Committee suggests that he serve as a member of the Camping Committee, this is a case of "If the local system works fine, Irving isn't likely to interfere." If, and only if, the Lodge Chief is asked to serve anywhere at the Council level, such as
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