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Can adult wear recruiter patch ??

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  • Can adult wear recruiter patch ??

    I saw a District Commish over the weekend with a Recruiter patch just below his right pocket. Can adults earn this patch ?

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    The online Insignia Guide only has the Recruiter strip listed under "Cub Scout Participation and Achievement" as insignia worn by a Cub Scout and "Boy Scout Participation and Achievement" as insignia worn by a Boy Scout. The listing in the Boy Scout section has a link to the site where the item description is "For youth members who recruit another youth member. "

    I could find nothing in the guide regarding scouters.(This message has been edited by nolesrule)


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      AFAIK, adults don't wear recruiter patches.

      Was this a recruiter STRIP or a recruiter PATCH. If it was a strip, it goes below the pocket, if its a larger size patch, it should go on the pocket.


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        Per the last question: Is was a Recruiter Strip and underneath the Right Pocket. I thought only scouts could earn, but there it was on a District Commissioner.


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          The answer is no. It's a youth award...and any trained, and experienced DC would know better. I've a feeling this DC has never done a stint as a UC....


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            Actually it depends on Council. Our council gives them to any scout or scouter who brings a new scout in.


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              As a district membership chair, I wear the Recruiter strip proudly! I encourage youth and adults top earn the recruiter strip by recruiting new youth.

              Personally, I think it's NUTZ to discourage people, adultsa included, from earning and wearing this award!


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                Oops, need to correct myself. " Scout or Scouter earns the recruiter strip from our council."


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                  I have been wearing one because I am the Membership and Recruitment chair. I point it out to the boys all the time, "look at what you can earn if you recruit a friend." Which reminds me, I have a certain Wolf that I have to bug because he told me he wanted to earn that strip, lol.

                  Seattle, I was just appointed District Membership Sub-committee to await nomination next spring. I was debating if I should put that Recruiter Strip on my "new" District shirt (thank goodness for cheap closeouts on, I bought a bunch of ladies shirts super cheap and then took them to a tailor friend of mine, they look good). Thanks, I will proudly put it on because I am helping my DE with fall recruitment in our big (distance wise) district.


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                    It's a youth award.


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                      Hello suzisk8,

                      Congratulations on your appointment!

                      Assuming that the "Recruiter" strip is a youth award, I think it's an excellent example of where leaders may wish to use the BSA as a guide to running their program, rather than as binding rules.

                      If I need to sew something on to my uniform to make my program work, I'm going to sew it on.


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                        spit my coffee all over my laptop.......

                        I have recruited a couple of hundred scouts.....never even dawned on me to wear one????

                        But why would an adult want too?????


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                          Yeah, Base, you're going to want to clean that up.

                          Do we get one for every Scout we recruit? Gonna need a bigger shirt.

                          Actually, I'd wonder about any ol' Tom, Dick or Harry wearing one. But suzisk8 situation I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. If it helps you bring more Scouts into the program, go for it.


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                            I think for us as adults, recruiting is our responsibility. I'll "recruit" 20-30 boys this year along with a handful of adults. I think your behavior will illustrate that you're a recruiter.

                            For a boy to recruit someone its a bonus. My 7 year old son wears the recruiter strip because he invited one of his friends to join and the boy did. He's working on another boy now.

                            The alumni knot is sort of an adult recruiter strip but has IIC and some other unrelated stuff to it.


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                              I need to promote this award more in my troop. I think awarding boys who recruit would help get the word out more about membership.