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Parent pins with leader uniform?

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    Really, this is what concerns people? Pins on uniforms? I'd rather worry about leaders wearing blue jeans or cargo pants with an untucked uniform shirt calling it a "Class A" unfirom.


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      I wear all of my parent pins for both of my boys on a lanyard around my neck. I wear it with my uniform any time I wear it. It has a name tag i the center of the lanyard, a cool cub scout neckerchief slide, since I don't wear a necker as COR, and I have my silver whistle and spark plug award on it as well. I get a lot of comments. Interestingly enough I've never lost the backing on any of those parent pins over the years of wearing them there.


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        I'm old school, so not for not for me. I won't wear them because A) not for uniform wear and B) I remember when they were called "Mother's Pins."

        Now if I ever get a Eagle Scout Dad tie tac, as well as one of the old green uniform ties, I may wear the tie tac with the tie. But again I'm old school and prefer neckers.


        • Scouter99
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          "Old school" is relative. American scouts didn't adopt neckerchiefs until the second decade of the organization, and in the 50s-70s (maybe before, but I don't have Uniform Guides from then) the necktie was the adult neck adornment. While neckerchiefs were always native to British scouts, BP wore a tie (in photos, he's always in a tie; in paintings/sculptures he's in a neckerchief).
          You can get the green ties (which I would call old school) on eBay pretty reasonably priced (more reasonable, I think, for a 40-yr-old piece of history than what you pay for even a cheap tie in a dept store nowadays).
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