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Does anyone have old training videos?

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  • Does anyone have old training videos?

    I am looking for a copy of the SM's Junior Leader Training Kit Video, No. AV-02V013. I like this training kit but have not used it for a couple of years. Called the council to borrow it and of course National has seen fit to cancel something that worked. Now I have no video for upcoming Troop JLT. Anyone that can help out will be a life saver today.

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    Actually What the BSA did was update the training to coordinate with the information in the Patrol Leader Handbook, the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook, National Youth Leadership Training, and Wood Badge for the 21st Century.

    The newest Troop Leadership training program has no video with it but has some very good training materials. It requires adult and trained junior leaders talking with and guiding the junior leaders into an understanding of theior specific responsibilities for their office and of the leadership skills that will help them to succeed.

    Its' not that the previous course wasn't OK it just was no longer current with the BSA leadership resources and training used by the youth and adults.

    You might consider unsing the current resources since they are readily available and are directly related to the new training course.


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      The new training looks very good for position specific training and we plan to use in for that purpose. The old JLT was really good for bringing the new scouts together as a team and to help show them that working together and that sharing the workload is usually better than big boss leadership. I just need the video if anyone has it.


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        Other than eBay, I'm not sure what to suggest.

        Of course you realize that JLT was replaced by TLT 2-3 years ago, right? And that the JLT curriculum you are teaching does not "sync" as well with NYLT and NAYLE (and WB21C for those youth who become 18-yo adult leaders) as TLT?

        I think you are doing your youth a disservice by not using the currently approved syllabus.


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          Good observations.

          Contact other councils, see if they still have it in their library. They may be willing to sell it to you.

          Google AV-02V013 and track down the hits.


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            You might try to look at the blog entitled "Young SPL" by Eagle309. One of the replies is from joni4TA, who says they had converted the video to DVD and distributed copies. Maybe joni4TA still has a copy, or can get one for you!


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              thanks ninoniner!

              Mothercub did get in touch with me and I made her a copy of the JLT DVD in exchange for a CSP!


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                Thanks to Ninoniner and Joni4ta we are on our way to rescheduling our training. Kinda restores your sense of belonging to a group when folks jump in to help instead of "informing" you about how out of touch or wrong you are!! Scouters that help (or facilitate) more and re-educate (or discredit) less are what it is all about in my opinion. Thanks again to everyone who is willing to jump in to make a positive difference.


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                  mothercub, if you've looked at the current TLT syllabus, then you must know it covers much more than position-specific training. It covers the boys' vision for the troop, and how it s/b in sync with the vision of the SM.

                  It covers the "know-be-do" of leadership, and asks the boys to review troop operations in "start-stop-continue" analysis.

                  Would you continue to teach an old MB book after it has been revised? Or use an old Boy Scout HB after it has been updated? Would you continue to wear an old uniform after it has been updated?

                  All I'm saying is, when your boys go to NYLT, they will be at a disadvantage compared to the other boys who have been through the current TLT, because the concepts they see in TLT will be covered in greater detail in NYLT.

                  Good luck.


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                    fgoodwin, it wouldn't matter - since the new TLT leaves so much open to interpretation and allows any SM to develop their own curriculum. They have very minimal guidance, and do not discuss the new TLT at all in SM Specific. No one stresses that SM's should use TLT - instead we're told we should instead get them into NYLT for the "full experience." For a new SM, and untrained youth leadership, the TLT is nearly useless.

                    There's also a huge risk that SM's who aren't really doing that good of a job in the first place, are also going to ruin a youth's chance of ever getting what was intended out of TLT.

                    Some folks out there look at the tiny little TLT packet (all of 15 pages) and it's cute little outline, and unless they are white collar business folk used to running board meetings and are in full understanding of all topics in the TLT, are not 100% comfortable with the ambiguity of the TLT. Some prefer using the old JLT as a tool for the team building activities it possesses and then use more updated discussion like TLT hopes to prompt. TLT wants you to go out and "find your own" resources. JLT brought them to the table. JLT took a whole day, sometimes two. TLT is only supposed to take 3 hours. How in the world can you squeeze it into 3 hours? The least they could have done would have been to include a powerpoint slideshow or something....

                    And if a SM isn't comfortable or doesn't "get" how to teach the TLT syllabus, should they then just say forget it boys and teach the boys with NOTHING? Or at that point would the JLT be preferred over nothing?

                    mothercub, you are very welcome and I am glad to help!


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                      I have the jlt set and the annual planning set that was put out if anyone needs them.

                      I have read the TLT in the scoutmaster handbook and find a lot of open area. when i get my first troop junior leader training off the ground in june, i will combine the two and work in the out doors.

                      No cookie cutter out there making identical troops. Do what works for you!


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                        Joni4TA: I never suggested doing nothing, I suggested using the current syllabus. Some of the boys in my troop have been through both JLT and TLT and by far they prefer the new curriculum over the old.

                        I'm not gonna stand here and tell anybody they are doing things wrong -- that wouldn't be very Scout-like and in the absence of all the facts, would be foolish.

                        But I stand by my comment that NAYLE and NYLT build on concepts introduced in TLT, and that boys who've had TLT will be at an advantage over those who haven't, when both go to NYLT. If that's not an issue for some SMs, so be it -- but they can't say they were unaware of the possibility.

                        Combining TLT with JLT is certainly better than not using TLT at all. As long as the TLT material is covered, I don't see anything wrong with using the team-building exercises out of JLT.