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Does your troop meet in summer?

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  • Does your troop meet in summer?

    I mean, holding the actual WEEKLY meetings as normal.

    Yes or no?

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    We wrap up with a Court Of Honor early to middle June, then no more weekly meetings until school starts. We DO have one fundraiser during 4th Of July week and attend Summer Camp. It gives everyone a nice break, but the boys do have the option of planning a summer activity if they want to, such as visiting the Jamboree two years ago.


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      When I was a SM the troop had at least 2 overnight activities a month in the summer and a short orientation meeting before each event. If we went to summer camp that counted as one activity.

      If you do not have an active summer program you risk losing some of your boys.


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        Hi Wood_Owl,

        To answer your particular question, yes, with the following differences from "normal".

        We hold one-hour weekly meetings (as opposed to the usual 90-minute meetings) through the first week in August, then go to summer camp in the second week of August, then take the last two weeks of August off. We start up 90-minute meetings again on the first meeting night after Labor Day. Except for COH meetings, the scouts wear troop T-shirts to troop meetings during the summer. We get mostly the under-16 younger scouts attending because the older ones get summer evening jobs (local movie theaters). Attendance hovers around 70% of the total troop membership, which is pretty good considering how family vacations, jobs, etc, compete for the scouts' time.


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          The weekly meetings go on as planned as well as the monthly events (for the old troop and the new troop).

          Summer is the best time for scouting. No pressures of homework or other school obligations. Boys can relax and have fun.

          I never knew reducing the schedule or doing an abbreviated summer program was an option. The ideas seems silly to me.


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              Our troop meets every Monday of the year, except for the one between Christmas and New Year (If Christmas were on Monday, it would be both), and the Monday of summer camp. Sometimes it's only 4 or 5 boys, but they meet. We meet Memorial Day and Labor Day.


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                    All the troops I know of have summer meetings.

                    Yes, they will have some boys absence because family trips, but otherwise they have meetings.

                    If the troop is away for a week-long trip, no meeting that week.

                    This was one of the differences I had to learn about Boy Scouts vs Cub Scouts.


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                      We meet the monday befor a camp out and two weeks latter to get the camping gear back. So about 2-3 times a month for June, July and Aug.

                      with Summer Camp and two camping Trips and WashJam,


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                        Yes, but after summer camp in June the schedule drops one meeting a month.


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                          No. Just one of those traditions, I guess. I think that if anyone ever suggested it, they'd get funny looks from almost everybody.


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                            Growing up, my troop met every week except for 2 weeks during Christmas (and we might be doing Winter Camp depending upon the year), Good Friday, and the week we were at summer camp.

                            Oh and the odd Friday that were were having a 3 day campout, otherwise every friday.

                            Now Summer meetings tended to be longer, 1.5 to 2 hours. More sunlight, more time to have fun, and NO HOMEWORK!

                            But for whatever reason, it seems most troops around here stop during the summer like the CS packs.


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                              We meet every week for 90 minutes through out the year and go camping every month except December. The big difference between summer and other times of the year is that our camping trips are longer - we have a 3 day outing in June, then a week of summer camp in July, and a 6 day camping / backpack outing in August. In September, we go back to regular weekend camping trips. Because three of the four meetings in a month are focused on the camping trip, we don't even slow down in summer.