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  • Bear Gryllis new show

    Watching it now. Just noticed he wears an international Scout emblem on his shirt. That's kinda cool.

    Yup, 26 minutes into the show, he's drinking his own pee.

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    I noticed that the first time I saw the show too. Don't think he drank his pee that episode, but skinned a dead seal to make a wetsuit to cover his vitals to go for a swim.


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      Mental note to self: watching re-runs of the Adam's Family is better time spent than watching the Bear Gryllis show.



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        Not sure what's worse; drinking your own pee or drinking snake blood like I saw him doing on a show last night. I hope to never find out the answer.


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          I once saw a show where he squeezed the juice out of a dung pile straight into his mouth.

          I actually think, just based on a few partial episodes I've seen, that his shows might be interesting if they didn't go for the shock value of these gross out survival methods. I guess there's value in the lessons, but it just seems like it's done more for the ratings and shock value to appeal to the general masses.


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            He is HUGELY popular in the UK, at least when I was there, and (aside from some snarkiness on the entertainment value of his survival TV shows) think he sets a good example. He seems to make Scouting fun and an adventure.