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Available Topo Maps for the price of postage

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  • Available Topo Maps for the price of postage

    OK, I've done a quick inventory. I have a lot of maps from Texas, Florida, Arizona, California. I have a few from Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, and New York. Also I have a few from Indiana, only a couple from Ohio. small number from Illinois and Wisconsin. Scattered ones from Montana, New Mexico...just a few from Virginia and West Virginia, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota.

    For some reason, there are also a decent number from Hawaii and Puerto Rico, in case anyone is interested. Just a couple from Alaska and Missouri.

    None from the Dakotas, Wyoming, Maine, South Carolina...don't know why.

    These maps are about 50 or more years old and came from discards from a well-known university. I've already put some aside for the boys in this unit so we're good. I'd like to make the rest available to anyone who thinks they might be useful...before they get recycled.

    While going through them, I did come up with a novel solution to the possibility that we are going to have a 51st state - Puerto Rico. In that case, in order to keep the flag tidy (and avoid having to change it) we should divide Rhode Island between Connecticut and Massachusetts and basically make it go away. Just a suggestion. Who'd miss it? Of course that might also apply to Alabama or Mississippi, lol.

    So here's the deal. Now you know where they're from. If anyone would like some of these so the boys can practice map reading or orientation, let me know. I already have a few who have asked - sorry about the absence of Missouri maps, BTW. My email address for this is:

    Email me and I'll let you know how many I have and the estimated cost of postage.

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    How about Texas ? They keep talking about seceding anyway. Give it back to Mexico. Might help solve some of the problems with National as an added benefit. Just a suggestion.


    • ghermanno
      ghermanno commented
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      If it wasn't that I live here, I'd definitely agree with you KDD.

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    Anything from Texas around the Wichita Falls Area?


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      Less of Texas than I had expected, considering the number of maps from places like Kentucky or California. Anyway, I've already promised the few I have to another Texas scouter. I still have quite a few from Arizona and Kansas/Nebraska. These are just for practice anyway, if you'd like some geographic diversity.

      Interesting that I haven't gotten any objections from people in Rhode Island....I'm going to write my senator with the suggestion.


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        Wish I could spin off, but an FYI here. The USGS offers the latest topo maps that use satellite imagery instead of drawings for download for free. Also has UTM grid on the map, with Lat and Log marked on the side. If you have a plotter, you are good to go. OPtherwise Staples or Office Depot are your friend.


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          In case anyone is wondering...I'm still trying to convince the Post Office that maps can go using the media mail rate. The local person insists that books, only, are eligible.

          I show her the regulations from her HQ and it's as if I am trying to talk to a brick.


          • King Ding Dong
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            If you staple them together is it now a bound book ? . Doubt that will convince the brick.

          • packsaddle
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            Heh, heh, I considered that. After all these years, I actually HAVE developed an ever-so-slight sense of what it means to 'poke a stick in the eye' of someone like that, lol. I'll continue to try to educate in a respectful manner, maybe hunt for a friendlier post office.

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          Hey Pack! I finally got the old maps to our Scoutmaster Emeritus and he had a blast going through them. He ended up taking the roll home with him so he can go through them in detail. He had worked in several of the areas down east and was very familiar with the details. He's planning a session on map reading with the Scouts this fall, but just his enjoyment was certainly worth the enjoyment.

          Thanks again!