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Civics lesson for Citizenship MBs?

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  • Civics lesson for Citizenship MBs?

    For you consideration, Boy Scout Troop 621 in America's heartland who was unlucky that criminals stole their trailer and more unlucky that the police recovered it.

    Maybe those scouts can author a bill, something to the effect that a crime victim will not penalized, fined, or subject to any fees as a result of that crime, you get the idea.

    My $0.02,(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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    Two lessons here:

    One, people who make rules should have a great deal of humility, because it's very easy for the rules to have unintended consequences. For when that happens, it's important that the rules have ways of being bent in order to mitigate the unintended consequences. Usually that boils down to trusting someone's judgement. If the rule makers are unwilling to trust someone's judgement in bending their rules, then...

    Two, arrogant rule makers deserved to be removed from their positions of authority, and shouldn't be entrusted with any other positions until they've done something to prove they've learned better.

    Both of those are great lessons for guys to learn early, becuase it's easy to fall into thinking "I'm the boss, what I say goes."


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      I hope they at least waive the impound fee. If the government drags their feet, then the bill accumulates. But it's a good thing the governments are known for speed and efficiency.


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        You could have a variety of discussions from this:
        - Enforcing the letter of the law or the intent of the law. Doing what is right.
        - How to "fight city hall".
        - Negotiating solutions
        - Legislating change (I suppose some may say if you don't like it, leave Indiana.)
        - The cost of crime
        - Theft prevention

        The VIN of the trailer is known through vehicle registration, why issue a new VIN? Just make a new VIN number plate (even a temporary cardboard) and attach it to trailer and let scouts take it home!

        Another $0.02


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          I would add Unintended Consequences to the list as well (research why a VIN is required, why one must be issued, and why the VIN is the only key identifying characteristic).


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            How can they auction off a trailer that doesn't have a VIN number?

            How do they know it's the troop's trailer without a VIN number?

            If it doesn't have a VIN number, submit a claim for it being stolen and get a new one and let the city have it. Without a positive ID, i.e. VIN number, they can't come back on the troop for the money.

            Government bureaucracy at it's best!