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Committe Chair issue

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    I think your reading it right...

    the only part that is grey is how the "help/services" were offered..... Was it in passing in a conversation......I am guilty of missing those offers......Or was it point in.....I want to plan the Blue and gold banquet.......


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      One technique that would work well for a parent meeting that I have seen used for other things is bring a whiteboard with all the activities you would like to do this year, f,ex write:
      Pack Campout
      Pack Hike
      Pack Pinewood Derby
      Pack Blue and Gold
      Pack Raingutter Regatta
      Pack Can Drive

      Have this whiteboard up in front of the parents and start with the first activity on the list and say, ok Who would like to organize the <Insert Event Here>. If no one steps up put a big X through the event and say "guess we won't be doing that this year"

      If these parents have any sort of regard for their kids scouting experience they will catch on after a few big black X's through events that things don't happen unless someone steps up to organize them.
      And if everything gets X-ed out, no one can really complain since they sat there and let it happen.


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        I have always thought about doing this, but I have been too scared to try it! Currently, we place the activities/volunteer descriptions for the year on several pages and go around the room and solicit volunteers. Unfortunately, I had two parents fail to follow through with their project and as usual, I picked up the slack. I know......I know......I am enabling them, but I don't want the kiddos to suffer because of slacking parents.

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      The problem with the erasure plan is you get "Ah, the Pinewood Derby is no big whup." If the Blue and Gold wasn't fun last year, no one will care if its cancelled this year. So, get one good year of fun activities, make sure the kids enjoyed it, and then threaten the whiteboard.


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        It sounds like the OP needs to take some training herself to find out how a pack is supposed to work. I'm still wondering why a husband who "works weekends" has no time to be CM. Are pack meetings on Saturday afternoon? Step up or quit complaining.


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          As a committee chair I feel for the guy. I am our committee chair and I have to basically do everything other than run the pack meetings and treasurer duties. THankfully I have a great treasurer otherwise I might go insane. I have an outdoor activity coordinator but that usually entails me giving him the previous plan that I did and he changes the dates. I've been looking for an assistant for a year without success, in two years when my son moves up to Boy Scouts, I plan to move as well. having a plan to pass along the knowledge is a great thing but everyone just tells me that I do a great job and gives me a Starbucks card every once in a while. I'd rather have an assistant....