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  • new cc needing help

    hi, i just got voted in as the new CC since our old one is crossing over in Feb. w/ her son. My husband is the CM. We are a small pack and only have roughly 15 kids total. Our pack has got a LOT of drama and that has made parents go to the other pack in town (they have 80 kids)or just quit all together. Basically there has been a power struggle between our old CC and secretary. The secretary has been trying to take over the pack (planning and cancelling events and fundraisers without discussing it with the committee first or by having everyone call her for help instead of the CM)and by doing so has basically left my husband out of doing anything. When you volunteer to do something she will basically tell you that she will do it. She sends out emails informing everyone of our events, but then starts putting in her own personal opinions, her emails end up being about 2-3 pages long and it is all mixed up and people are always calling us to find out what is going on because they get lost in the emails. When we are asking for volunteers or if anyone is interested in doing something her emails can come off as very demanding and it turns people off of wanting to be involved. She interupts my husband and the CC when they are talking/planning up coming events, we never get anything planned at our parent meetings because when we discuss things she starts talking about other things.

    Our old CC has also had a problem with our treasurer about money issues. The old CC will not turn in any of her receipts until after we do a fundraiser and then turn in 600 dollars worth of photocopied receipts when we may have only made $300 and drain our account. We dont even have $1000 in our pack account because of this. Our treasurer cant even keep a balanced record! We have a few people who last year wrote checks for dues and the checks have bounced and they still have not paid! When my husband asks the treasurer about how much money we have she doesnt tell us she just starts naming off people who stil owe. Its just a complete mess!

    So lucky me being the new CC (as of last night) I want to change things and add some structure and guidelines to the way things are run. We had our commissioner there last night and he told me that EVERYTHING that goes on in this pack is my responsibility. The good, bad and ugly. I would just love to know how to handle these issues. I know that there are a few things i am thinking of doing and i know that there may be some issues in getting some cooperation, but i am just trying to make it a better pack for the boys.

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    Before I say anything else--props to you, for stepping up to take responsibility & get things working properly. You knew you were stepping into something of a mess, and you did it anyway.

    The CC is in charge. The CC has "authority" over everyone--including the secretary. The secretary's job is to write down what the CC says. Has the secretary been to Committee Member Training? (if she has, I don't think it sank in, lol) Ask her/invite her/require her to go to the same training with you, and then you will know that she knows where the authority lies.

    That's where I'd start--making sure your committee knows the Cub Scout org chart, their job descriptions, and the expectations. (You may need a new treasurer, but if the receipts problem is fixed, that might fix other problems.)

    My CM has suggesed with-holding advancement for families who have not paid. It may be that you simply need to say after your next pack meeting that the pack will not buy advancement stuff for their kids if the family isn't paid up.


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      HI, sorry to hear all of these problems, like your self, our pac is having problems, but it is a new pack, and people not stepping up to help, lost apps, DE no longer with council. I wish you all the best and like I have told the others leaders in pack do the cub scout saying DO YOUR BEST! all you can do, people can either be part of the problem or resoultion, best regards BEAR DAD


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        Sounds like you need a new Secretary, a new Treasurer, and a written Pack budget that makes sense.

        You, as CC, can replace volunteers at any time if necessary.

        It also sounds like you need a written agenda for your monthly Pack Leaders meetings. Include time at the end of the meeting for each person to add any comments, or business of their own. Keep discussions moving, cut off people if necessary (Yes, thanks, you can bring that up for more discussion at the end of the meeting, now back onto the topic).


        You know your families. Pick (or put together a committee to pick) out 3 or 4 people who are felt would do the best job for each open position. Start with the top candidate and ask them FACE-TO-FACE to accept the position. Give them all of the info and help they need to make their decision. Keep going down the list of possible candidates until you get one to say yes.

        Cultivate a relationship with your Charter Organization and it's Representative. A good relationship with your CO and COR can be a big help.

        Make sure that ALL registered adults are fully trained for their positions.


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          On the money matter:


          Before you do another thing, call your Chartered Organization Representative and the Institutional Head/Executive Officer of your Chartered Partner. Please, insist on a business meeting with them, your Unit Commissioner or DE and the old CC. If you and your Treasurer were not given a clean set of books, then life can get very unfortunate for you downstream.

          There's a reason many of us keep saying the Chartered Partner owns the unit. It is the licensee of record of Scouting from the Council. Its own good name should be at stake. Financial headgames help no one.

          While I thank you for stepping up to the plate, I hope within the year someone else can step up to Chairmanship. Many of us have observed over time that a H/W CM/CC combination is not the best option, for many reasons, not the least of which is personal burnout.


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            Please have another person besides you and your husband on the checking account. Some troops/packs require 2 signatures on a check.


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              I agree as passionate as you may be to be the CC either you or your husband need to transition to a different job sooner rather than later. I turned down the CC because my husband was the CM. Parents WILL accuse your family of running the pack and disagree with a lot of your decisions just because you are in the same family. I love your passion, if you leave CC stay on as a committee member and try to implement your ideas that way. The CC and CM are a kind of check and balance for a pack so they really should not be married.

              Maybe adopting a set of pack bylaws would help. Search online for other packs and adapt it to fit your needs. If everything is in writing and known by all it's more likely to be followed.

              As said before if you are both on the checking account get one off TOMORROW! The money situation already sounds bad, last thing you want is accusations of missing money. Require 2 signatures on all checks. Have 3 who can sign, but 2 who usually sign.

              With receipts maybe you could require they are turned in within 30 days of purchase. If you have 15 boys what in the world is she spending $600 on? If the pack doesn't have the money don't buy it. You can do all kinds of things for free or cheap. Scouts shouldn't have to cost a bundle. Something we have done is require advance approval of pack purchases. Things that do not require approval are $25 per boy to den leaders for supplies for a year, awards, and rechartering. Everything else is voted on by committee or approved by CC and CM. Another reason why they should not be married. Set a budget for things like PW derby and B&G so many $ per scout and no more. Ours is $5 PWD and $10 B&G

              Bounced Checks try to run them through again. Some banks will rerun the check at no cost 6 months to a year later. Maybe they will clear now?
              I don't know that I would punish the boys for parents not paying, by not buying awards. The boys earned them in good faith that the pack would follow it's obligation to award them. I would tell all parents that due to funding problems from lack of dues the following events ... will be cut from the schedule. Continue to cut back in other small but noticeable ways until they pay up. Things like charging for B & G parents and siblings dinner, and boy's field trips that used to be paid by the pack. Talk to all parents who bounced checks individually. Be understanding, polite and calm. Those with a financial hardship ask on a case by case basis if they would be able to pay in installments. Don't tell everyone this or they will all want too. Remind parents that Cub Scouts runs on parental involvement and all need to be involved in some way with the pack. Tell them if you and your husband are feeling overwhelmed the boys are the ones who will suffer. Cub Scouts should be fun for the boys and you too.