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Pope Benedict steps down.

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  • Pope Benedict steps down.

    Roman Catholic Pope Benedict is stepping down.

    A Vatican spokesman said the pontiff would step down from 2 p.m. ET on February 28"

    I assume at that point the College of Cardinals will elect a new Pope.

    Soli Deo Gloria

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    The College won't begin meeting until mid-March. Thank goodness another horserace came along to distract the media.

    And best wishes to Pope Benedict. It's a tough job, and he followed a rock star. Hopefully, he'll spend his retirement in a way he enjoys.


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      He can do that?

      At least now my Scouts will have a chance to understand what I mean when I ask if we have "white smoke" coming from a Board of Review.


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        This decision is a pre-emptive move to avoid the public embarrassment that is coming because Arpaio and Trump are investigating to find out if his long form birth certificate was faked.


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          Just read a theory that he has Congestive Heart Failure is unable to continue. First time in 600 years that a Pope has resigned his office. In regards to packsaddle, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


          • packsaddle
            packsaddle commented
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            Heh, heh, why the good members of these forums of course, lol.

          • Nike
            Nike commented
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            I thought the same thing about CHF being the cause.

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          Funny, TwoCub.

          And also funny Pack, though just to be serious for a moment, unless his birth certificate showed that he wasn't born AT ALL, I think he would still be eligible to be Pope.


          • packsaddle
            packsaddle commented
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            Oops! (Hey, I just found out that a message has to have more than 10 characters!)

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          Any Baptized Roman Catholic male can be elected Pope, since its been over 600 hundred years since the last guy resigned, I wonder what he will be called? My money is on Ex-Benedict...


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            So what do retired Popes do? Can we expect photos in People of him in a Speedo and expensive sunglasses on some beach in the Med? Or in a big cardigan eating oranges in an olive grove (a la Michael Corleone in Godfather III)?

            I'm betting on the Godfather thing.


            • AZMike
              AZMike commented
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              He will live in a monastery from now until he passes away. I will be sorry when he passes on, but I suspect that may be sooner rather than later and I don't think he is long for this world. He will write and publish during the time has has left (Ratzinger is one of the greatest living theologians, as even most Protestant theologians have acknowledged - his 3 volume series "Jesus of Nazareth" is amazing) - but will no longer have papal infallibility upon his divestiture. This must have been an incredibly hard decision for him, but the position requires extensive travel and public speaking and I think he made the hard decision that he could no longer fulfill the physical responsibility of the role. In his letter, he hints that both his physical and mental health are the reasons for his departure, so if an increase in cognitive problems is the issue, he probably made the decision to leave before it caused any potential problems. Ratzinger has always been sharp as a whip, so this is a sad thing to hear, and his orthodoxy has been just what the Church has needed. Faced with the worst sacnadal the modern Church has faced, Pope Benedict XVI made the hard decisions that had to be made...which is why the curent abuse scandal has dropped to almost no new cases, with just the sad detritus of the recent decades with which we still have to cope. We seem to get the Pope we need at various times in history (the rise of Fascism found a powerful opponent in Pope Pius, and the Soviet Empire met a powerful opponent in Pope John Paul II), so we shall see how the demands the current problems of the age are answered by the next Pope.

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            If memory serves, the Vatican has pushed for a mandatory retirement of 75, except the Pope. I know my pastor, when he retired, did pastoral work on a cruise line for a year, and then did pastoral work with various hospitals. Some retired priests will serve as needed to give other vacations and fill in in emergencies, and some teach.


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              Carnival Cruise Lines probably has a position open just now.


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                So it is my understanding that this Pope eliminated "limbo"? Is that correct? Can a Pope do something like that? I would think only God could do that.
                Seriously I intend no offense or ridicule. I am curious about how that came about.


                • qwazse
                  qwazse commented
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                  Limbo was never church dogma. So there was nothing to eliminate. Ratzinger merely felt that the importance of baptism stood on its own merits without the need for limbo to motivate believers to baptize their infants. Others have disagreed.