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Ryan Andresen Eagle Ap approved by District

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  • Ryan Andresen Eagle Ap approved by District

    Really just including for comments.

    Openly gay scout, whose membership was revoked gets his Eagle Ap "retroactively" approved at District. Council appears leaning to approve National may revoke. I hope I summed it up right I included the article below:,0,1378522.story

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    "It's gotten to the point that getting the Eagle doesn't matter so much. It's the message that counts. It's the desire that no other Scout should ever have to go through this," Eric Andresen said.

    Well said.


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      It may have been OGE, Beavah, Eamon that said that national views scouts as a sexual and the no gay thing is a Scouter issue. We will see in the coming weeks what nationals reaction is.

      Let me make this very clear.....I am not opposed to a gay eagle scout.

      I am opposed to the way this family did it for their son. If they did not have money this would not have happened. JUST THAT SIMPLE. The boy wouldn't have been on the Ellen show or got a $25k check he didn't need for college.

      Blonde good lookin and well spoken makes for good press.


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        This in no way means district or council agrees with the scout. Its fairly common for districts and councils to shove controversial Eagle applications up the ladder to save them the hassle and/or loosing friends. It's likely going to end up there anyways, so why even mess with it. I've seen Scoutmasters do this as well leaving district or councel tell the scout and his parents the the bad news saving the SM from being the bad guy.



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          I will never delegate the responsibility of saying no to a boy.

          Come on guys at least borrow a spine

          At least this SM followed the rules.....Notice I did not say do the right thing.