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    The computer system isn't supposed to allow that kind of dual registration.
    I'd call the registrar and ask if the computer system will kick it out or leave the unit without a COR.

    or spin off and ask someone else here


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      Also as Unit Commissioner,
      I would expect that YOU would catch it and recommend another course of action or a back up plan to the unit instead of the COR dual registered as ACM.


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        Those who have been folloowing this thread know that as a Unit Commissioner the pack I'm assigned to was having a leadership melt down.

        An excellent Committee Chair left a year or so ago, leaving the Committee Chair position to someone who didn't do much.

        That shifted the burden to the Cubmaster, who did a fine job, but announced he was leaving, and he wasn't finding people to replace the Committee Chair (also leaving) and him.

        It was a formula for a pack leadership collapse.

        As Unit Commissioner, I stepped in with some ideas on how to put things back on track.

        A promising new Committee Chair was signed up, and a new Cubmaster also agreed to serve.

        We had the first Committee Meeting last night since those leadership positions were filled. The new CC took charge and did a fine job. The old Cubmaster put together a program for the pack for the next school year which was discussed by and approved by the Pack Committee.

        The new Cubmaster was there, but didn't have much to say.

        Anyway, we have a quality program idenbtified and approved for the new year. The Committee Chair has definitely taken charge. The new Cubmaster may need some help and support to figure out how to do that job.

        Our fall (and spring, 2013) recruiting nights and plans are in place.

        I would say that the transition to new leadership is progressing pretty well. As a Unit Commissioner, I intervened pretty heavily when the Cubmaster wasn't succeeding in finding new leaders, but that seems to have paid off.

        Was I TOO BOLD? Apparently not.


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          Glad it seems to have worked out for the pack so far, and hopefully the new CM will grow into the role.

          Now, this is an aside. There are a lot of "I" and "we" and "our" words in your post. Please keep in mind that as UC, you are not a member of the pack. Consequently, the test of whether you were too bold is not the short term success of your efforts; it is more a matter of whether this pack can be self-sufficient and address their own leadership (and other) issues 2 or 3 years down the road, or whether they just start expecting you to intervene and "fix" them time and again.


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            The less I have to do, the better.

            The only thing I really take charge of is spring and fall recruiting, since I'm also the district membership chair.


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              Our CC and CM swapped positions with some Den Leaders in February. Our Pack is already thinking about succession planning for our next CC and CM.

              I was told a good way to think of a position is the first year you are in training with the current person, the second year you are the expert and the third year you are training someone else.

              I enjoyed reading the different posts.


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                Hello Andee,

                Effective Succession planning is certainly the mark of a good organization.

                The pack I was describing had both an excellent Committee Chair and an excellent Cubmaster. However, the departing Committee Chair recruited an ineffective replacement.

                It's not enough to have someone fill the position, although this fact is often ignored.


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                  The new leadership recruited for this unit is taking hold and becoming effective!

                  The pack had a good recruiting night last night and the new Committee Chair and new Cubmaster are doing a good job of finding new leaders and getting the program started effectively.

                  It's tough when you recruit a new Cubmaster and Committee Chair at the same time --- they are both going to have a lot to learn and wont have the benefit of another leader to teach and support them.

                  But they will learn, and they are making things work.

                  It was a near thing. The former Cubmaster is out of the picture and the pack could easily have collapsed for lack of leadership, which is where I found it in 2004 when the last "Cubmaster Who Does Everything" left.(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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                    So I'm Unit Commsissioner for a pack that has a brand new Committee Chair and a brand new Cubmaster.

                    I figured the new CC might benefit from a heads up on doing rechartering and perhaps might need some help in getting the new Cubmaster signed up and a new Tiger Cub Den started after the recent recruiting night.

                    So I e-mail him on those topics.

                    He replied that he already had someone to do the rechartering, that the new Cubmaster had already completed the adult leader application and that he had recruited last year's Tiger Cub Den Leader to serve again this year.

                    How 'bout 'that? He's doing better as a brand new CC than my pack is with experienced leaders!

                    He's a take charge business executive person by profession, which is why I thought he would be great as a CC. That looks like it's going to work out really well.

                    At our recruiting night both he as CC and the new Cubmaster turned out fully uniformed.