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Family Talent Survey Sheet

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  • Family Talent Survey Sheet

    So, looking at the Family Talent Survey Sheet, is there other information you wish was included?

    I'm coordinating recruitment, and I'm realizing I don't know where half of my scouts go to school (there are four different schools and one home school in my den of six). Therefore I'm not sure which parents to ask for help at which school open houses.

    So I'd add school, church, siblings and ages (so I have an idea who to ask to be Tiger Leader next year), an e-mail address for both parents, and "level of outdoor experience", either avid, novice, day camp only, or prefer to stay indoors.

    I'd also like to know if anyone can play a musical instrument.

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    In my opinion, the problem with the Family Talent Worksheet is not that it asks too little, but that it asks way too much. It is burdensome for people to fill out and people therefore resist filling it out.

    I make up a simplified form, which asks people to volunteer a few things that might be good at doing or would like to do for the unit. The idea is to provide enough information to get an idea of what things people might be able to help with, and provide a basis for calling people and chatting with them about particular things with which they can help.

    People prefer to avoid filling that out as well, but less resistant than with the BSA form.

    School and e-mail address are on the BSA application form.


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      While much of the contact info is on the youth application, a den leader often does not see it.

      I have my own den spreadsheet that I have the parents fill out when they register, or first bring their Scout to a den meeting. I ask for Scout and parents names (first and last), address(es), and parents phones and emails. If you have a variety of schools represented include school name.

      If you are acting as youth recruitment chair for your Pack (along with being den leader) then you should ask your Cubmaster (CM), or Committee Chair (CC), for copies of the youth registration forms. This will help you see how your Pack is doing at each school, and where you might want to push your registration efforts a bit harder. You might also want to contact your District Executive (DE) and get a printout of the Total Available Youth (TAY) at each school.

      The Family Talent Survey is fine as is. It is used primarily to help spot adults who can be recruited. Adult recruitment should be done in conjunction with the CC, and Charter Organization Representative (COR). They are the ones who approve all Pack adult leaders.(This message has been edited by Scoutnut)


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        I like to add jobs, education (like any special degrees), hobbies. I keep it really short and friendly-like. A lot of people forget that they have a whole lot more experience than they think. I found that wives will sometimes volunteer a husband the grandfather.

        Sometimes it is good to mention planned activities (the dreaded Tigers "Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate with others. " that became hard around here after 9-11". Sometimes you find out the dad that never shows up is because he is the weatherman at the local TV station and can get you in.

        I have found once you get a few folks helping with the stuff that they know, have contacts, or feel confident with more families will help.