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  • Dual Registration

    I am currently dual-registered in a troop (SA) and as a member of a Venturing crew (camp staff). I dual-registered while a youth BS to be on camp staff with the camp's Venturing crew, but now wish to also register as a MBC (position code 42, I believe). I am still registered with the troop and crew; how do I go about getting a third registration as an MBC? Do I need to pay the fee again?


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    MBCs are district level, ADULT, scouting positions. National has placed some restrictions on who can be an MBC for specific MBs, i.e. only 21+ and holding specific certs for Lifesaving and Canoeing MB come to my mind since I am no longer considered qualified to teach those since I am not current with my certs.

    Usual process is to complete an adult leader application, marking district and marking MBC in the position spot AND fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Information form found here

    bea advised that is the most current one NATIONAL form I could find. Some councils have created there own. One recent example of a local form is here BUT doesn't list the new restrictions


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      Thanks E92!

      Would I still need to pay the registration fee? Will this be associated with my current member ID? Just curious.



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        You pay your $15/yr registration fee + any insurance fee in your council thru your primary unit.
        After that there is no charge for other positions you are dual in.

        I wish we'd get ONE good merit badge counselor information form updated a bit and figure out how to get all the old ones off the internet. I get ones turned in to me that are the early 90's form, and I don't like that it doesn't have email on it, since that is an easy way to verify with the counselor any information.

        Most merit badge counselors should provide 1 phone number and email address that they want scouts to use to contact them. business phone number is usually not a good contact number for scouts unless it's a cell phone.

        it should have a place for BSA ID# and date of YPT (or other pertinent training)CLEARLY listing that training certificates must be attached for specialty merit badges (like NRA for rifle shooting, CPR for swimming) would also be helpful.

        There is sooooo much confusion about registering for merit badge counselors in our area.
        People will fill out jut the merit badge counselor info form, because they are already registered in a unit in some way so they don't think an application is needed. Or they filled out an application to be a merit badge counselor years ago, so there is no reason anyone would need another application cause they aren't a new mb counselor.

        Or they fill out a new BSA application to be a merit badge counselor, but since the application doesn't list position code 42 for merit badge counselor, they'll often get confused and put down MC (member committee) or leave it blank. When the council registrar gets the application and it's blank, she sends it back to the DE to find out, and well hopefully he does that but usually not in a timely manner.
        if it says MC, the registrar says "duh, you are already registered as a member of your unit committee"--or they add them to that position in the unit if there are the 2 required signatures.
        Units don't know if they must sign MB counselor applications, technically only the district exec has to sign, since it's not a unit position.

        And they get the word that if they've filled out an application and mb counselor info form one time, they don't have to do it ever again.

        I'm working my way thru the district mb counselor list of who is registered, adn who has filled out a merit badge counselor info form in recent 2 years. it's about 400 people, and so far about 40 of them are actively working as mb counselors. unfortunately 30 of them weren't registered.

        And a huge number of them feel put out that they may have to fill out some kind of form and send it to me[District person] or to council, rather than just keeping it all within their unit.

        ok, I had to vent. probably should have been a new thread, eh?


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          Nice rant 5yr. Honestly, it will take years to clean up this mess for all the reasons you describe.
          There should be a simple online registration for MBCs who are active members of BSA units and whose YPT is up to date.(This message has been edited by Qwazse)


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            Merit Badge Counselors must be at least 18 years old.

            Merit Badge Counselors do not have to pay BSA registration fees.

            They do however, have to fill in an Adult Application (so the council can process the background check), and take Youth Protection training.

            From the BSA National web site - "To serve as a merit badge counselor, an individual must complete and return this adult registration form. The Adult Application is valid for one year only and must be renewed annually. To register as a merit badge counselor, mark the box labeled "Council/district position" in the upper right-hand block with "merit badge counselor." Fill in the "Position Code" with code "42," and fill in the "Position (Description)" with "merit badge counselor.""

            The Adult Application should be attached to the Merit Badge Counselor Information/Application, and turned into your local council.

            I would not worry about the whole "dual registration" thing. Camp Staff Venturing Crews are usually created for the sole purpose of allowing 18-20 year olds to volunteer as camp staff, and are usually only temporary things.


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              FYI G2A that came out last year added some additional requirements for some MBs.

              All Aquatic MBs must have someone over 21 supervising (ok I read that wrong originally A 19 year old Lifegurad instructor CAN teach Lifesaviong MB, they just need someone over 21 with them as well.)

              CPR instructors must be certified by ARC, AHA, etc, EVEN if the requirement does not state become certified in it.

              And the specific MBs

              Canoeing merit badge counselors must have either BSA Aquatics Instructor or Canoeing Instructor certification from the American Canoe Association, American Red Cross, or equivalent; OR local councils may approve individuals previously certified as such, or trained by an instructor so qualified. ( SO I now need to petition the council since I was a previously certified under BSA lifeguard back in the day, when they taught boating rescues.)

              Climbing. All climbing, belaying, and rappelling exercises and activities must be supervised by a qualified rock climbing instructor who is a mature and conscientious adult at least 21 years old, and who is trained in BSA Climb On Safely and understands the risks inherent to these activities. Training as BSA climbing director or instructor is highly recommended. Someone with certification in First Aid/CPR/AED from the American Red Cross (or equivalent) must be present at these activities./i>

              Lifesaving. Demonstrations or activities in or on the water must be supervised by an adult at least 21 years old with certification in Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED or equivalent, and also as BSA Lifeguard or Aquatics Instructor or equivalent

              (So the 19 yo lifeguard instructor with 4 years experience as guard can't teach the MB, but the 22yo he just trained as a lifeguard the week before can teach it.)

              And the rest


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                The Guide to Advancement also says about registering MB counselors:

                "Merit badge counselors register at no fee, using the Boy
                Scouts of Americas standard adult registration form with
                position code 42.
                Designated members of the council
                or district advancement committee should provide the
                approval signature.
                The council advancement committee
                annually coordinates counselor reregistration. This may be
                done as part of the local council charter renewal process.

                A letter or message extending an invitation can be sent to
                each counselor who is to be approved for another year.
                Those identified as not following Boy Scouts of America
                policies and procedures, or not providing services as
                promised, should not be invited to return.

                ==>"Volunteers who are properly registered as merit
                badge counselors can renew annually without
                completing an adult application; their names will
                appear on the district roster for renewal."


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                  Yep, there are some merit badges that require a MBC to be older than 18.

                  However, there are many that do not.

                  None allow a MBC younger than 18.

                  Which is why I noted - Merit Badge Counselors must be AT LEAST 18 years old.

                  Hopefully (fingers crossed!), the local Advancement Committee that approves the MBC application is checking the Counselor requirements for the specific merit badges listed on the application.


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                    ok, I'm not laughing, but I'm shaking my head and chuckling under my breath at
                    "Hopefully (fingers crossed!), the local Advancement Committee that approves the MBC application is checking the Counselor requirements for the specific merit badges listed on the application."

                    um, yeah.
                    the way it seems to work in our council is that someone turns in to council a mb counselor info form and hopefully an adult application for position code 42. they get separated at this point
                    the application goes to the Registrar, she processes the application and sends the merit badge counselor info form to the DE. The DE says "a scouter is trustworthy" so if they have filled out all the boxes, they are put on the district mb counselor list, eventually.

                    right now to update the district mb counselor list from the time an app is turned in at council to the time the forms come back to me to update the list, is over 5 months and counting (how long I've been doing this and haven't seen any new ones come around back to me yet).

                    Wherever possible, I try to get the application and mb counselor info form from the mb counselor. Then make me a copy of the mb counselor info form, and turn in copies to council. Then I add their name to the mb counselor list pending confirmation that their application has been approved at council. That seems to have gotten hung up in the processing of unit recharters and now we are on district recharters.

                    Now council nor district have a process to tell a mb counselor, "yeah, you have passed the background check and we have all your paperwork and you can start acting as a mb counselor." Instead everyone assumes when the applications are turned in at council (or to their unit who may or may not turn them in at council) they can start working with youth.

                    it is a big mess, and I'm trying to fix it a little bit, but it's a huge struggle. I haven't quite given up, but I at least have someone lined up to take over from me when I can't handle it anymore.

                    I have a meeting next week to talk to the program director at council to see what can be done to make this work better. Cause right now it stinks.

                    at least if I have contact with a mb counselor for one of the specialty badges, I ask for copies of certificates, and tell them all the training that is required. and I verify their ypt is done and any training details I can pull up on training validation at myscouting. It's more than the prior district mb counselor list guy was doing.


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                      Strictly regarding the multiple registration and not the Code 42/MBC.

                      I disagree with it. But I have been told multiple times, that the 19-21 year old Venturer/Scouter has to pay twice, even if dual enrolled.

                      I have had three Venturing youth, which were also ASMs with their Troops (as well as knowing other Venturers/ASMs in the same situation).

                      They have been the only multiple registrations I've known that the council registrar stated had to pay twice with each unit after they hit 18 and until the crossed 21. Why, I don't know. Seems simple enough, but there were issues with registration at that 3 year age range.

                      Good Luck!

                      Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                      Crew21 Adv


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                        You've been scammed! I have never had to pay for a youth in my crew who also wanted to be an ASM in a troop! We usually primary them with the troop and multiple them with the crew.


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                          Would you fellas believe that I am the ONLY First Aid MB counselor in my district?


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                            A few comments.

                            1) back int eh day when I was a GASer (Gray Area Scouter, i.e. 18-20) I had to pay 2 fees because I was both a youth and an adult. once I turned 21, one fee covered all three positions. One of my friends was in a similar boat, registered as a youth with the Ship, but an adult with his troop.

                            2) yes it is a nightmare to fix the MBC list. One person took it on as his ticket item. It was the hardest one to do, but he did in in 16 months or thereabouts.


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                              That's what I figured. It wasn't me, but it was a handful of the 18-20 y/o Dual Registered Venturers and ASM.

                              Online recharter had just come out, ScoutNET2000 was still in its infancy. I did not like and disagreed with the double payment policy for that age limit and grey area, but our council stated this was National's policy.

                              Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                              Crew21 Adv