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Pumps for Air Matresses

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  • Pumps for Air Matresses

    I've been looking at the Big Agnes Pumphouse Pad Pump. Has anyone had any experience with this type of pump? The reviews I've seen at MooseJaw are mixed. I never know if those people are actually reading the instructions, or using it as intended, so I thought I'd check here.
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    My neoair came with a bag pump like that it is a real pain in the butt.

    I use one of these

    Highly recommend it.


    • koolaidman
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      very nice! thanks for the input BD.

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    Pumps for Air Matresses ... I thought I was on the Scouter Forum, not Luxurious RV Getaways ...


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      Hey now, nothing wrong with embracing a small lightweight tool as long as it serves more than 1 function. This pump can also be used as a small fan to help with a humid texas night, or help start a fire. <Warning! Warning! Deliberately inflammatory remark to follow:> Seems more useful than a dutch oven.


      • Old_OX_Eagle83
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        Although I don't like air mattresses, I do like the way you think

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      I got the product Basement recommended. It was very small, and filled my air mattress mostly full. Conveniently it filled it to the actual comfort level I like, so no need to remove or add any air.

      It's best performance was as an aid to waking up the coals of our campfire. Worked perfectly and really got the fire blazing.

      Thanks for the recommendation BD!


      • Basementdweller
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        I was thrilled with it as well, sure beats blowing the blasted thing up...

        Glad you like it.

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      Is that camp tek thing the same as the one Thermarest sells?
      I was looking at these air only pads the other day, considering getting one.
      For now, I think I'll stick with my self inflating thermarest pad.....
      A friend got a thermarest cot recently. Looks very interesting to me but I didn't get a chance to try it out!


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        Or try this: even with self inflators, one often needs to add some air, or inflate them quicker.


        • blw2
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          I know that guys was demonstrating, but it sure looked like he was working hard.
          I've gotta say I've never worked that hard with my thermarests.

          Pull them out of the bag
          open the valve and spread them out a bit.
          go about my other unpacking business......
          later on, a half breath blow or two to firm it up and I'm good. No exercise required.

          A few weeks ago when researching the totally inflatable Big Agnes and similar, I found a guy online. I think he was trying to make a start-up company..... selling sleeping pads with a dry-bag type top. Basically inflate the bag just like this guy was doing with the garbage bag. Secure the bag's top, and done. Looked pretty slick for an inflatable.

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        When I convinced my wife to go along with cub camping we bought two Coleman Air mattresses that came with a battery operated pump. She fills them up with my daughters while my son and I are setting up the camp site. Alternatively, a few of my families are wandering off to plug in their air mattresses to fill theirs up... So at least mine is filled at the campsite and not at the bathroom or in the car...


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          Will it work on self inflaters too?