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??'s for BOR

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Hi all,

As some of ya'll know, I'm in a pretty new troop. About 9 scouts now and threatening to gain about 4 more next month. We're excited.

The SM told me (I'm committee chair) that several scouts will be ready for the first BOR in a week or two. I've explained what a BOR is to the committee and told them I would try to compile a list of sample questions to be a basic guideline. Now, I know it's not a re-testing of the Scout, and I don't intend for this list of ?'s to be a dogma for the committee members to follow, but I know you folks are bound to have some great questions you like to ask at a BOR.

So if you'll share I'll be glad to listen.




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Assuming for a new Troop your first BOR emphasis is on Tenderfoot & 2nd Class:


"How do you like Boy Scouts so far? Is it what you expected?"


"How's school coming along?"


"What are your goals?" (Not just in Scouting but in school, sports, family, religion, etc.)


"What troop functions have you attended outside of the troop meetings and what did you like best and least about them?"


"What is your patrol cheer or yell?" (This always get them!)


"Tell me why you have the best SM in the world." (Sorry, just joking!)


The key is to ask open ended questions so the Scout will talk and not just give yes/no answers. Also, make sure he is relaxed and that it is an enjoyable experience. For later ranks, the "tough" questions may be asked (what changes, religion, etc.). Of course my all time favorite question was asked by Peter Graves in Airplane and I won't repeat it here.


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