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Beads in Boy Scouting?

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Welcome to the campfire. When I was a scout many moons ago the troop I was with handed out beads to the scouts who participated in troop and scouting activities. Differnet colors and types of beads indicated the type of activiy. Ex: white for snow, blue for below 32deg. f, black for rain, green for fair weather, red for summer camp.


One of my tickets was to introduce this into the troop I am with as a scouter. The boys enjoy wearing them as it shows how active they are and what types of trips they have been on. We now pass out canoes for floats, boots for hikes and skillets or ovens for doing good when they cook on these trips.


I still wear mine from when I was young and enjoy adding them on still. Also I look back at the stories the beads tell and remember.



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An optional advancement recognition for scouts working on Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks is called The Boy Scout Advancement Kit.


The kit includes a leather totem worn on the belt which has a scout First Class insignia embossed on it. From the patch hangs three leather thong strands. As the scout completes various requirements from the first three ranks he receives a white, green or red bead to put on the appropriate strand. It is a type of instant recogogition program used to reward the scout between rank badges.


The kit is item #WWO-1998 and sells for $3.25.


I hope this helps,


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Beads in Scouting ? Why not?

A couple of years ago one of the leaders from another unit gave out special beads to scouts who would perform some scout skill, recite the oath, law, outdoor code, tell a joke. He had a whole list of things they could do and the type of bead they would get. ( catch a fish- get a fish bead, earn the fishing merit badge- get a bigger fish bead) Nothing official, but the scouts loved it, especially the younger ones and it really motivated them to learn new skills to get those beads. The scouts could only earn one bead at a time and usually there was a line of boys waiting to get that next bead. He even had a few beads for leaders.

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I think it a great way for the boys to remember camp-outs. Color of some beads can be white for the days and black for nights, and a special color for an award the troop has recieve ei: first or second place troop participation or spirit awards and etc.

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Our toop gives out colored beads for attending outings, service projects, etc.


Special beads are giving out for the type of weather at the campout. Like clear bead for clear weather, and blue one for camping out below 32 degrees.


Our last campout two weeks ago we had snow, rain, below freezing temps. Scoutmaster desided to come up with a new bead. The mud bead (brown) since our campsite area had a good two inches of mud to slogg through. Scouts loved it.

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