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  1. I was recently approached by a fellow scouter to assist with an Eagle Scout Project for a young man who will be 18 in a few months. The only info that this scouter gave mne was that the young man was just released from juvenile detention and had completed some of his merit badges while detained. Since I often work with this troop I may also be asked to be a part of his Eagle BOR. Is awarding this boy to the rank of Eagle scout appropriate.How does the scout fullfil requirements 1 and 2? Other scouters in my district did not object and thought it would be a good thing for the boy.
  2. A group of concerned adults have started originizing Cub Scout , Boy Scout and Adventure units in an inner city neighborhood with over 80 youth in each group. Need your comments on operating units this size. Both positive and negative.
  3. When you fell you have tried all the options that would have you staying in the same troop. Could moving to a new troop be a posibility ?
  4. Our local council has begun promoting a new program for the fall of 2003. The Trailblazer Adventure Program sponsored by the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance. To make sure of the greatest participation our council has requested that no district events be scheduled for the fall this year. From the information I have been able to find some states have already held such an event. If you have knowledge of any of these events or better yet taken part in one please share your thoughts about it with me.
  5. Plan on attending Sports Show this year with my son. Look forward to seeing your crews display.
  6. Beads in Scouting ? Why not? A couple of years ago one of the leaders from another unit gave out special beads to scouts who would perform some scout skill, recite the oath, law, outdoor code, tell a joke. He had a whole list of things they could do and the type of bead they would get. ( catch a fish- get a fish bead, earn the fishing merit badge- get a bigger fish bead) Nothing official, but the scouts loved it, especially the younger ones and it really motivated them to learn new skills to get those beads. The scouts could only earn one bead at a time and usually there was a line of boys w
  7. LauraT7, Bob White, Eamon Thanks for your input and suggestions.I think your ideas could be useful and workable. YIS RIP
  8. The program we are trying to give a boost to is our Boy Scout program. Many of those units are small, eight boys or less with few leaders with any training, usually only the Scoutmaster.
  9. there's the rub. Attendance at rt is abysmal, same leaders every time and not the ones needing the additional training
  10. I am a volunteer in an urban district that serves many scoutreach units. For many of the leaders in these units this is their first scouting experince, so teaching basic scout skills is a challenge. I have suggested that we use our monthly Roundtable to teach these skills to these leaders and to the boys in these units. The idea being that we kill two birds with one stone; improve our leaders outdoor skills, and giving the youth an oportunity to earn advancement. Would appreciate any comments pro/con or sugestions on how to organize. Has anyone done something similar?
  11. Did someone say Fieldbook. I've got copies of three different editions the oldest a 1955 printing of the first edition. Useful info in all.
  12. The Blue and Gold is a good time for Cub Scouts to receive their ranks. Many units in my district present their awards at this event and also recognize any Scouts who may have earned their ranks before. The fact that your scouts have been able to finish their requirements shows that you and they have done a lot of work and should be congratulated. Let your DE (District Executive)or some other scouter you trust know about your concerns. How do the other Den leaders in your pack feel about this?
  13. The discusion that prompted this quiestion was wether or not camping overnight means camping in a tent or not.
  14. What does the phrase "included overnight camping" mean in the Second and First Class Rank requirements? Example: Would a weekend spent in a cabin at the local Scout Camp be considered as camping overnight?
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