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Tiger Den Leader

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Hello fellow scouters!


My name is Erin I am from North Beach Maryland. I am a new Tiger Den Leader. I myself was in Girl Scouts from age 6 to 16. I have 7 boys in my den and was hoping that I would be able to find new ideas and tips here. I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful Saturday!

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Welcome! I'm a new Tiger Cub den leader as well. You'll find folks here that will lend a lot of helpful advice. My first would be to spend some (okay, a lot of) time on the Scouting.org website.


After I completed all of my required training, I downloaded the Tiger Cub den meeting plans and a lot of useful info. I also spent some time "tweaking" the schedule and plans to suit my den's plans and I put together a schedule for the first 8-10 meetings. I handed it out to all the parents at our first den meeting. With families scheduling around Girl Scouts, dance classes, cheerleading cateciszm (sp?), and the adult's stuff (hunting seasons, K of C, civic orgs, etc.) everyone needs about a 2-3 month "heads up" to avoid conflicts.


Make sure you verbally reinforce the "shared leadership" aspect of Tiger Cubs. I let them know we will rotate "hosting" duties (I personally include teaching a new song and a snack as part of this duty - completes two electives for the host team). Try to make at least half the den meeting activities a parent/cub activity (mostly the crafts and games). I only give parents half a chance to sit on the sidelines - the rest is required participation.


I also send out a weekly e-mail with reminders of the "#F" requirements they should be working on (also on the schedule) that correspond to the den activities and "Go see its". My parents said they love the structure and they know exactly what they need to be doing and when the badge requirements will be completed.


Again, welcome aboard and thanks for giving your time to Scouting.

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