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Patrol Method vs. NYLT

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>>Forget patrol method when you talk about NYLT. That is not what it is about


Not sure I understand this statement. The patrol method is a method of Boy Scouts, NYLT is for Boy Scouts, therefore the patrol method should be a part of NYLT, just as we wear uniforms during the course because the uniform is also a method of Boy Scouting. At my council's NYLT course we use the patrol method - boys camp by patrol, cook and eat by patrol, engage in activities by patrol, have patrol names and flags, take turns being the patrol leaders and going to patrol leaders' council meetings, go on an outpost as a patrol...I think that helps boys who come from troops not using the patrol method to experience it and get ideas on how to make it work in their home troop.


I believe NYLT to be an experience that can teach skills that a leader, youth or adult, can use in many situations within and outside of Scouting. The environment in which it is presented can reenforce many other aspects of Scouting, including the methods of Boy Scouting and the concept of a safe haven. I have heard from many Scoutmasters as well as parents of NYLT participants that the course helped their scout and their unit.

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