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Adults hijacking PLC plan

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Been alittle there, done some of that...


When the boy crossed over, I followed along. Offered my time as a ASM, and was accepted. Started making suggestions at Committee meetings, and sat in on PLC with SM. Listened and mused. Turned out I was the first ASM to try and be active. I soon realized the SM saw me as a possible threat, so I took him aside one night and assured him I thought he was an OK guy and I had no desire to be SM. I was beginning to be active on District level. So I go to R/T and bring things back to Troop... (SM sings in Choir on same night)

Then an interesting thing happened. The Committee made the connection between my name and the name on the Eagle Award Plaque! Was I the same boy way back when? Yeah, I was. WoW! How'd you like to be our UC? We haven't had one in a while...

I told'em my training said the UC really couldn't be connected so close to the unit he commished. And the Unit usually doesn't name it's own UC. Oh. News to them. The last UC had been the CC. (!)

So the SM is urging the PLC to take an active role in planning and leading. Then the fellow in charge of planning the family camp over the LAbor Day Weekend (park permits, etc.) announces that , due to a lack of interest, (true) anyone going will be family camping (boys camp/eat/ with family, not boys). Presto! lot's of interest, but no boy planning. Big fun weekend had by all, but no boy olanning.

SM realizes it, we talk about next time...


Is it the Patrol Leader's Council or the Patrol Leader's Parents' Council?


Aside::: Anyone heard the Bob and Rays' "Slow Talkers of America"?

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