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Staff Assignment: Where Will You Be?

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"Are we going to have a Scouter.com reunion somewhere or what?"


be nice.


back in 89, my first jambo on staff, there was a scouts-l reunion of sorts. Nice to put faces to names we had interacted with on-line. I don't recall if there was any attempt at this at other jambos. National, for whatever reason, seems to frown on most of these reunions. Was disappointed by the lack of an official WB reunion in 89 (because I knew of past ones that WERE official, and I had just been beaded), so there was an unofficial one. 93 we had another unofficial WB reunion, but this was mared by the recent death of GBB.


There used to be OA gatherings at Jambo, but not at the last few.


Funny that there will be an official Hornaday reunion.


We've had semi-official sea scout gatherings. APO always has a reunion/gathering.




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Subcamp 18 Commissary Staff. This will be the 2nd National Jamboree I have attended. I went to the 1993 National Jamboree as a 16 year-old new Eagle Scout (earned 5-22-1993) and spent a majority of my time at the Merit Badge Midway.


Are there any type of gatherings planned for this Jamboree (OA, Wood Badge, NESA, Silver Beaver, etc.)?

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"Are there any type of gatherings planned for this Jamboree (OA, Wood Badge, NESA, Silver Beaver, etc.)?"


As I noted, National seems to frown on such things. So my understanding:


* OA- probably not. Haven't had even an OA show just for Arrowmen since 1993. Usual excuse was the Arrowmen were too busy with the OA service corps, show (ie Mysterium Compass this time), etc.


* WB- probably not. AFAIK, the last official one was in 85. 89 & 93 had unofficial ones, and none since.


* NESA- used to, but none in recent jambos


* Silver Beaver- afaik, they've never done these.


I seem to recall that there will be a Hornaday Award gathering. I believe they have a gathering for the James West & other donors (big surprise as these are your money people...) There will be an APO gathering, and we've had a Sea Scout gathering in the past, so would think we'd have another.



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