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  1. Yes. This is what they want. I and my troop are in western Kentucky. These 2 Eagles are brothers who had their boards of review on June 15, 2010. Right after their boards of review, their family moved to Massachusetts due to their dad having a change in jobs. However, they are keeping their home in Kentucky and are going to be in the area during the week of August 30.
  2. Has anyone out there ever done an Eagle Scout court of honor the same night as their troop's regular court of honor where all of their other Scouts will get recognized with the items they have earned since the troop's last court of honor. My troop has never done this before but looks like we will be doing it on August 30, 2010 for the troop's 2 newest Eagle Scouts.
  3. Subcamp 18 Commissary Staff. This will be the 2nd National Jamboree I have attended. I went to the 1993 National Jamboree as a 16 year-old new Eagle Scout (earned 5-22-1993) and spent a majority of my time at the Merit Badge Midway. Are there any type of gatherings planned for this Jamboree (OA, Wood Badge, NESA, Silver Beaver, etc.)?
  4. Should all who have applied for adult staff heard something regarding an assignment by now? I applied for staff in January 2009 and got my $100 deposit acceptance letter and 1st patch in late January or February 2009. I have fully paid the $795 adult staff fee (making the last payment on it in October or November 2009). However, I still haven't received an assignment yet. Are there any others out there like this? When should I receive my staff assignment?
  5. If I was to take the current version as a participant later this fall in my council, it will also feel weird in that several of the staff (at least 4) on the current course are ones I served along with when I was on staff in 2003 and two others on the current staff are ones that were participants in the course I served on the staff for. I was also told that I couldn't where my beads from my prior Wood Badge experiences while I was working on my ticket for the current version. I do see why that is done, but I worked hard to earned those beads from my prior Wood Badge experiences and today
  6. The last three days I have been contemplating on whether or not to sign up for the course my council is about to put on in late October and early November this year (SR-797 -- 10/27-29 and 11/10-12/2006)--my council's 3rd course of Wood Badge For The 21st Century. I went through Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge during the fall of 1998 (SR-216). I was beaded on 8/30/1999. Then I served on the staff as an Assistant Quartermaster for my council's first Wood Badge For The 21st Century course (SR-579)--held during September 2003. Even though I knew that ones who had taken prior versions of W
  7. Ordeal: 5/29/1992 at Camp Wildcat Hollow Brotherhood: 7/23/1993 at Camp Wildcat Hollow Vigil Honor: 2/16/1997 at Camp Wildcat Hollow I received my Ordeal and Brotherhood in the now defunct Wapiti Lodge #367 (1947-1955). I was a member of the first Vigil Honor Class of White Horse Lodge #201 (1996-present), the lodge I am currently in. I was Chapter Treasurer from 1996 to April 1998. Then, I was Chapter Treasurer Adviser for the rest of 1998 and 1999. In 2000 and 2001, I served as Vigil Honor Selection/Vigil Honor Committee Adviser. In 2002, 2003, and 2004, I served as Lodg
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