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Details forthcoming for specific position??

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Can someone give a clue as to when I might expect to be contacted regarding the assignment they have given me? Need to know such things as uniforming needs, sleeve idents, schedule for reporting, and so on. Have a troop I need to get to camp before the event, but do not know if I will have time to go, though I really should if possible. Thanks.

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Skeptic: From what I read on the Jamboree listserve, it varies from group to group. I contacted my group leader before I applied and we have stayed in touch all along. If you haven't already, I would suggest you sign up for the National Jamboree 2010 group at Yahoo by going to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Nationalbsajamboree2010/


In their files you can find most of the general information you need. You can also post your question on the list and perhaps get the specific answers you need. There are many people who are in the same position as you from what I have seen. Lots of complaints about lack of communication from national.

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As stated level of contact is predicated by the position. Also, some leadership has changed a few times so it may take a bit from some to catch up. Depending on your position you may be able to do a search on facebook,myscouting,or a general search and get contact information. Another source is your regional personnell though since they moved to Texas not sure how to make contact yet.

As far as uniform that is spelled out in the staff guide. Basically you wear your home uniform with no changes though some groups come up with JSP's but you should not bother with the Jambo troop number assignment since that means almost nothing.


Some groups get T-shirts for class-B's so I would wait to find out what they are doing.

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Have you actually been picked for staff, or are you still awaiting a position.


"Need to know such things as uniforming needs"


You need about 2-3 full uniforms. Plan on wearing them some time. Depending on your position, you will probably be in 'class b'.


"sleeve idents"


As staff, the only thing you will add/change on your uniform is add the Jamboree patch above the right pocket. If you council issues a JSP for its staff (many now issue JSPs for specific jambo troops), feel free to wear that in place of your csp. Other then that you don't make any other changes. Don't change your unit number, don't change your office patch, etc.


"schedule for reporting"


If you got your staff appointment, you should have been told when you will report and can leave. Depending on your staff position, your reporting can be anywhere from a couple of days to almost a week before the jamboree begins. Most will leave the day after the youth do, some may leave 2-3 days later.


does this help?

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